looking for [alaska] me

So I’m new on here. It’s always nerve-wracking when you’re the new kid because people tip-toe around and aren’t sure how to act. BUT GUYS DON’T TIPTOE; YOU MUST DANCE AND JUMP AND SKIP AND SING SONGS LOUDLY AND OUT OF TUNE because then we will be best friends, e.g.

I can be previously found at strawberrydrapes.blogspot and before that I was found here: 365lists1213.blogspot (which was previously used as my giant quest to have each day have a list of things, increasing from 1-365 as the year passed. Unfortunately, I only got up to 169 days and then ran out of steam/time/ideas).

The main reason I moved over here was because YOU CAN INSERT GIFS!! *cue many blog posts in the future with many gifs explaining my feelings (and also because who doesn’t LOVE GIFS??)* I have also been recommended by the many book blogs I follow to use WordPress as my blog because it RULES!!

leo cheering


I guess that’s all for now (folks).
If you want to find me elsewhere, this is my twitter: twitter.com/laurentheberger where I tweet about things that probably are(n’t) relevant at all to anything and also things that amuse me (much like my tumblr: animalsdontvote.tumblr.com)

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