The [book] paragraph thief

While Larissa Loughlin (The Carrie Diaries) ‘collects people’, I collect paragraphs. I collect bits from movies and books and TV shows that I like. I will grab the nearest pen/pencil/writing implement or my phone and scribble it down/photograph it before I forget. Often, this means rewinding the show/movie to get the exact quote.

Here are some of the latest bits I’ve collected:
– “To see the world
Things dangerous to come to
To see behind walls 
Draw closer
To find each other and to feel 
That is the purpose of life” 
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Life Magazine motto
I think this is a really beautiful motto because there’s a special way with words in this. I think it really captures the spirit of life as a whole and really what the point of living is. The set-out of the writing just makes it all the more perfect for what it is: it’s like steps in the ladder of life.

– “I want to change my punctuation. I long for exclamation marks, but I’m drowning in ellipses”. 
Isaac Marion
For some unholy reason, I didn’t write down where I originally found/saw the quote, which annoys me quite greatly. Annoyance aside, this quote really rings true with me as a person living life and as a writer (not that they’re mutually exclusive). Life can sometimes be like this quote: full of little bumps in the road, when all you want is a big event to come along and change everything. I take this with more of a literal sense when it comes to writing. There’s those days when writer’s block comes and stabs you with it’s newly replaced nib and all you can think of is ellipses that just prolong those exclamation events.

– “Out of chaos comes inspiration”
– After a while, what’s fake becomes truth”
The Carrie Diaries, s01e02 (Larissa Loughlin)
Truer words have never been spoken. I especially love the first one because I can really relate to it. When everything is a mess and nothing is going right, you just got to remember there will be something amazing to come out. Eventually. The second one is something I think is so important to remember because lies and rumours can really ruin someone.

– “…the Europeans are trying to be Americans, the Americans are trying to be European, and the Japanese are furiously upholding their stereotype by taking a horrendous number of snapshots for no clear reason.” 
– “It is a dangerous thing with brothers, to think you could be as strong as them, or as wise as them, or as good as them. To believe that you could have been the same person, if only you hadn’t gone a different way. To think that your parents raised you the same, and that your genes combined the same, and that the rest of what has happened is all your triumph…or failure” (pg. 206)
Are we there yet? – David Levithan (Danny)
The first one really shows how everyone is walking around trying to be something they’re not. It’s the age-old classic of trying to blend in by becoming the crowd. I really like how Levithan worded it: the words just made the sentence themselves really. The second quote is so relateable to me and I think anyone that has siblings. It begs the question that if you had done something differently would you be the sportier sibling or the artier sibling? If you didn’t choose that path, would your parents love you more? I think the passage perfectly sums up the comparison worries of a siblings – especially those of the same gender and in a similar age group.

– “Bravery was doing something dangerous without thinking. Courage was walking into danger, knowing full well the risks.” (pg. 133) – Saba
– “A truth and its opposite are flip sides of the same coin” (pg 136) – Saba
– “I’m not sure it’s possible to simultaneously love something and keep it safe”. – Willem
Just one year – Gayle Forman
I really like how to first quote has created a difference between the two – something I probably wouldn’t have seen before, but now the distinction is so clear. It sort of creates a divide that I think needed creating. Just like the character in the book, I don’t really understand the second quote. All the same, it’s so beautiful and in some way, it does make perfect sense to me.The third one makes more sense in the context of the novel (which people should read!!), but even out of the book, it makes some sense. I think it’s saying that to love something/someone so dearly, you can’t keep them constantly safe and locked up all the time; you have to let them out and let them risk things for themselves. It’s sort of saying you have to choose: love or safety – you can’t have both because it creates a double negative.

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