Days of Future Past

This will be my new Sunday Segment. I will tell you about things that have happened in the week and then about things that are going to happen in the coming week. It’s like time travel, but not really.

It’s still school holidays for me at the moment *cheers*, so it’s been a pretty lazy week for me.
On Monday night it was the beginning of an 8 day Jewish festival called Pesach (or Passover), where we’re not allowed to eat wheat/anything that rises. This includes pretty much all good things like pasta, bread, biscuits and anything snacky. Monday and Tuesday we had seders, which are when we get together with people (in my case, on Monday the family and Tuesday, we had friends over) to read out of the Hagadah about the holiday of Pesach. We also eat A LOT of food and go into food comas. Otherwise, the week has been routinely boring.

School holidays are coming to an end, and that means one thing: school. This term we get to wear our butt-ugly winter uniform that consists of a skirt that looks like it was made by blind Scottish men in the 1700s. Pleat and ugly colours every day. But thanks to Easter, we only start on Tuesday and then because it’s ANZAC day on Friday, it’s only a three day week. *cheers* I have a SAC (school assessed coursework) second day back for a 3/4 (year 12) subject that I’m doing. Otherwise nothing planned except to study, I guess. And write. LOTS OF WRITING!


Speaking of writing, I am in a rut. I am stuck in a dark hole, surrounded by tall hedges that is also known as writer’s block. My plot needs something BIG or substantial to happen. I know what’s going to happen at the end, but I need a BIG event to fill some more space up because so far, it’s just about her and I need a little bit more.

What have you done this week? What are your plans for the next 7 days? 


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