Top Ten Tuesday

I am nerd. I enjoy book things – whether they be the actual book or something book related (scarves, shoes, mugs, figurines, movies – does that count? etc.) But, in the wise words of John Green (aka author of The Fault in our Stars), this is how I feel about my nerd status:


Truer words have never been spoken, John. Anyway. Pertaining to my nerd status, I follow numerous book blogs which are a++ and I recommend you go out there and follow book blogs too!! On some of the blogs I follow, there is a weekly meme called ‘Top Ten Tuesdays’, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish (sounds like a good job title, doesn’t it?).


This is their heading thingy

I am finally getting on the awesome bandwagon and starting this meme *cheers*

Top Ten Characters who make me swoon (in no particular order bc I can’t choose!!):
1. Augustus Waters – The Fault in our Stars
2. Will – The Infernal Devices series
3. Jace – The Mortal Instruments series
4. Etienne St. Clair – Anna and the French Kiss
5. Adam – If I stay
6. Park – Eleanor and Park
7. Xander Spence – The Distance between us
8. Four – Divergent series
9. Wes – The Truth about forever
10. Jem – The Infernal Devices

Who makes you swoon (which sounds like the noise a leaf makes when it floats gently to the ground)? 


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4 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday

  1. moonglint says:

    I made a similar list, but took it a step further and just married them. Great list and I hope you enjoy taking part in more Top Ten Tuesday lists, they are so much fun. And I must agree, swoon does sound like that.

    My Top Ten Tuesday

    • *hands virtual cake to you bc you are my first comment* but, ohhh, marrying them together is such a good idea! Would you be able to link your link to me so I can swoon and sigh happily over the lovely couples?

    • Hii! So happy birthday for yesterday (?) I hope you had an awesome day, filled with many cool (bookish) things. Yay for saying yeah to Adam and Jace (and of course the other two), but not that many people know about the two former. Also, thanks for the link to your TTT – I like that you put Hazel there 😀

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