Days of Future Past (6)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


In picture form:
idontunderstand school whataboutmathschoolofrock

Mostly the first and second one (since I don’t do maths at the moment), but School of Rock quotes are mostly relevant in all facets of life, e.g. You’re tacky and I hate you is definitely appropriate to say to almost everyone (maybe not the school principal). But everyone else otherwise.

This week, amid exam/test preparation, taking an infinite amount of photos for my media stop-motion film and complaining way too much about exams, I actually finished two books! I (finally) finished Attachments (Rainbow Rowell) and Racing Savannah (Miranda Kenneally), which is about poor farm girl works on farm with rich hot boy and you can guess what happens from there (hint: it’s probably what you think).


The internet is so damn distracting and all I do the entire day/week/month/year is sit on it and look at funny/sad/mildly amusing articles/gifs/pictures. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage (again) to get 30k on my story, and since I wasn’t there for sprints on Friday night, not much writing was actually done. But, I did get (just) past 28k!!!


Speaking of the future, I found a website called where you (as the name suggests) can send emails to yourself in the future which I thought was totally and utterly awesome (the link is linked if you guys want to visit the cool website).

This week, I would like to finish the book I’m reading (The One and Only Jack Chant), which is good after a weird/rocky start. I would also LOVE LOVE to get to 30k, but as exams come closer and also the fact that I’m out again this Friday means I probably won’t (but we can still be optimistic, can’t we???)



PEOPLE OF THE WORDS (and others too) CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE IS COMING OUT IN 2 DAYS!!! Unfortunately, I won’t be up to date with the books, so I will have to avoid spoilers AT ALL COSTS. This is like the end of an era (book series)!! Speaking of ending, BONES has officially finished for the season, as has Glee. I am awaiting the return of Please Like Me (August, I think???), and then there’s this TV series called Red Band Society which looks awesome (sung in sing-song voice), but only comes out in American Fall (which I think is Australian people’s September?). I’m bad with season conversions.

We are also officially halfway through the year (July 3rd) and even closer to my birthday (10th June). I will be 17, which all at once is way too old, yet not old enough.



What did you guys do this week? And what are your plans for the next 7 days?

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