Days of Future Past (7)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


It feels like there hasn’t even been a week. I feel like it’s gone from last Sunday to this Sunday, with no days in between. In actual fact, the days have blurred together in a mess of studying, freaking out, not knowing things and being elbowed in the mouth.

studying exams

This last one occurred during my basketball match today (which was also a bit of a flop) during the last three seconds. I ended up crying while not breathing properly – so points to me for looking a++ in front of other people. Otherwise, this week has been good in terms of reading (see: procrastination) and bad in terms of writing. I have three books this week: The One and Only Jack Chant (Rosie Borella) which ended up being quite great, despite my earlier thoughts, The First Third (Will Kostakis) and Every Breath (Ellie Marney). This week I have exams Wednesday, Thursday, Friday so most of it will be spent studying (WITH A BREAK ON WEDNESDAY TO SEE THE FAULT IN OUT STARS)


As predicted, I didn’t get any writing done. My aim is to get to that dreaded 30k by the end of June (which gives me approximately three weeks, because I’m going to Tasmania on the 25th).


Sadly this is not the case. Amid my exams, I would like to try read at least two books (one minimum) and GET SOME WORDS DOWN. I’m out (again) this Friday (no, don’t worry, I don’t have a social life, I’m just going to my auntie). Hopefully my tooth (the one that was elbowed) goes back to feeling like it wasn’t elbowed.


Pretty awesome then, huh? (Speaking of people who are superheroes, this week I watched Captain America: The First Avenger, which was quite good!) There are two good things happening in the next ten days:
a) I think I will finally receive my copy of City of  Heavenly Fire WHICH I AM SO EXCITED FOR!! and
b) IT’S MY BIRTHDAY ON TUESDAY WEEK (I never really liked that expression, but I guess it stands true). I will be 17th on the 10th of the June woOO000OO00OOOoooOOOo00000000!

What did you guys get up to this week?


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