Days of Future Past (9)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


This week was pretty good:
– It was my birthday on Tuesday
– I only had 2 classes the whole week (since three were exams and we didn’t have any 1/2 subject classes)
– I HANDED IN MY FOLIO!! (This was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders because it’s been a constant 2 terms of solid work).


– I completed the GAT (where we learnt about chess) with not too many explosions (just my brain).





– My friends and I have finished all unit 1 exams and assessment tasks
– I saw four movies this week: 22 Jump Street (hilarious!!) and X-Men: Days of Future Past in the cinemas and The English Teacher and The Blind Side (re-watch) at home
– I also read two books: Wild Awake (Hilary T. Smith) and On the Fence (Kasie West) which was seriously as amazing as everyone says – GO READ IT (please)!!!
– It was my dad’s birthday (which I made a pool table cake for)



– Although one thing that brought it down was that I did absolutely SHITHOUSE in footy-tipping this week, thanks to North losing, Melbourne winning + the Dogs winning.




This week I am back to a normal timetable for school, and the week after that is our school trip to TASMANIA!! I’ve got a geography SAC on Tuesday (oh, the joys of 3/4 geog), but not much else is happening in terms of assessment.

I would like to try and reach 35k by the end of the week (and while this probably won’t happen, I CAN DREAM!!). I would also like to try and finish three books this week including Every Word which is now available at my library and I’m super excited for this! I’m pretty excited for unit 4 of geography (which we start tomorrow): desertification and population.



What did you guys do this week? Who did you tip in football (soccer or Aussie Rules)? 


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