Top Ten Tuesday

I follow A LOT of book blogs, and whenever there’s a book that comes up on a few of them/I like the cover/the blurb/it just looks good, it goes on my Word Document titled ‘books to read’.


It kinda started out small, and now it seems I’m adding books left, right and centre! I really like hearing about what other people think, because sometimes there’s a particular book that someone loves and another person detests and I want to read it to see what I think of the book.


Reading is such a lovely and versatile thing because it caters to so many people and their interests. There’s books on cooking, cleaning, the garden, songs, people (i.e. biographies), fictional words, non-fictional eras (i.e. history books) – you name it, there’s probably a book on it.

This brings me to this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This weeks topic is SUPER hard, since I have way more than ten books to put on the list – so out of the bazillion books on my TBR read, I’m putting the ones that I’ll most likely get to read in the short frame of the holidays. Unfortunately, our holidays are only two weeks, because STRAYA, and we only end our school (i.e. have long holidays) at the end of the year.



Top Ten Book on my Summer Winter TBR list
1. Dash and Lily’s Books of Dares (Rachel Cohn + David Levithan)
This book was the first on my TBR list because I actually own the thing. (Highly unusual). But I’m definitely up for a book that involves a) dares and, b) the name Dash (isn’t it a GREAT word???)
2. We Were Liars (E. Lockhart)
3. Hate is Such A Strong Word (Sarah Ayoub)
 Both of these novels have been omnipresent in the book blogging stratosphere. We were Liars was first and Hate is currently around. I’ve seen extreme reviews on both ends of the scale for both the novels, so of course my interest was piqued and here they are on my TBR list.


4. Wintergirls (Laurie Halse Anderson)
I’ve seen this book around and I’ve read most of her other books and loved them, so I would like to see how this one measures up. She has a beautiful, unique style of writing; and she writes about issues that are often glossed over and ignored in YA fiction.
5. 1984 (George Orwell)
*Viciously unexcited* I have to read this for school, and since time is fast running out to actually read the novel, there is no time like the present (or the school holidays)!
6. Apple and Rain (Sarah Crossan)
This has been bouncing around on a lot of book blogs lately and apparently it’s v. sad. I’m interested for two (major) reasons: 1. The title mentions food (bonus points already) and I’m interested to see if I’ll cry because I don’t often cry in books/movies/media etc.

Will I be like this when reading Apple and Rain?

Will I be like this when reading Apple and Rain?

7. This Song Will Save Your Life (Leila Sales)
This too has been bouncing around book blogs, and it’s been getting pretty great reviews, so therefore I wanna read it! Also it combines two of my favourite things: music + books
8. My Life as an Alphabet (Barry Jonsberg)
I was once going to read this, decided it looked too childish, and then decided it looked good again, but haven’t borrowed it out since. Funnily enough, just after deciding to read it again, I was recommended to read it. Funny ole world isn’t it?
9. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (Benjamin Alire Saenz)
COVER LOVE!!! Also, I like long titles* (yes, weird, but eh), and I really like the names (Aristotle + Dante) used.  
10. The Last Girl (Michael Adams)
Aussie pride!! I’ve seen this book everywhere and I thought it’s high time I actually read it. (After seeing it around forever, I didn’t known it was written by an Australian author until recently).



*I remember in maybe grade 4/5, I memorised this book title (which I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to find/remember and I can’t). So if anyone has ANY information on this mysterious book title, please let me know. These are the things I remember (can’t promise 100% accuracy):
– 42 words long
– Think it had the word grate or something to do with a prison in it
– Was by someone like Paul Jennings or Andy Griffiths (what else did we read in grade 5??)
– Was definitely written by a man
– Think there was a sun in the background (maybe not though…)

Can anyone think of this book (sends virtual chocolate out to those who can!)/what are you guys looking forward to doing these holidays?


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8 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Although I don’t know what book you’re talking about, I did read two of the books off your list. Wintergirls and 1984 were both great, even though books like Wintergirls don’t usually make my to-read lists.

  2. We Were Liars is certainly making waves in the community and I hope you get to see what the hype is all about. I need to get around to reading Ari and Dante as well since everyone’s been chirping me to do so. Hope you get around to reading all of these!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

    • Thanks! It’ll definitely be a holiday full of reading and watching movies (maybe with some holiday homework on the side…) I’m pretty excited to read We Were Liars though!!

  3. Kyra says:

    I really want to read We Were Liars 🙂

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