Days of Future Past (11)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.




I am back from Tasmania – the random part of Australia that everyone always forgets. Things I did in/learnt about Tassie:
1. It was way more green/mountainous than I expected.
2. There’s seriously water everywhere (and, yes I know it’s an island, but so is mainland Australia and you don’t see water everywhere you turn there).
3. Visited the Cadbury Chocolate Factory and bought too many bars/blocks of chocolate (but I’m definitely not sorry)

How I feel about the amount of chocolate I bought

How I feel about the amount of chocolate I bought

4. Koalas are super super cute and also don’t look real up close
5. Ghost tours are entertaining (but some people are absolutely terrified of them)
6. Our bus diver called tissues ‘facial tissues’ and bins ‘rubbish reciprocals’ (he was weird)

7. I am not good at rough boats rides, but would like to try The Spirit of Tasmania again, when the weather isn’t so rough/I don’t feel sick beforehand.

I didn’t read very much when I was on the trip, due to me being busy seeing Tasmania and all, but being sick for the last two days has been useful in terms of reading. I finished The Whole of Me (Nicole Hayes) and today I read Zac and Mia (A.J. Betts), which was a surprising read.

I (not surprisingly) have still not read 1984, but as of now, my goal is to read it before the holiday ends, which gives me two weeks from today!



As of tomorrow, school holidays have officially started.

This means there is more time for reading, writing and above all, procrastinating. I have a bucketload of homework to do, because the teachers feel the need for us to be constantly writing down (sometimes) useless things that we definitely won’t use once we’ve finished school.



But I plan to read at least 5 books, write approximately 5k (which will be an achievement, because we all know how rocky I am with actually sitting down and writing). I also want to watch too many movies for my brain to remember, take more photos (I took so many photos during Tassie), and maybe paint/draw/art something.

I need to clean my desk (and also, you know, do the holiday homework in a well-spread out,timely way).



(Yeah, like that’s gonna happen – cramming, here we come!)

What are you guys doing/have you done next week/this week?

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