Top Ten Tuesday (12)

Thanks to the genius of the interwebs/help forums I have figured out how to insert gifs/pictures. So – prepare yourself for the onslaught!



Everyone has secrets. They may be secrets that belong to you, or secrets that someone else has told you (which you will now guard with your life). Secrets may be shared over one too many glasses of an alcoholic beverage or over a sacred pinky promise. There’s the type of secrets that you share with your friends or the type you have told absolutely NO-ONE because they’re so, well, secret.

Got a secret, gonna keep it..

Got a secret, gonna keep it..


But, there’s always those secrets that you share with the entire world (slash internet). More like confessions, if you will. Something that you know and you know people know and people know you know they know*, but you don’t really want to say anything.


Something like this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the girls at The Broke and The Bookish. This weeks topic is Top Ten Blogging Confessions.


 Top Ten Book Blogging Confessions:
1. I never read the names of things: characters, places etc. Okay, well not NEVER, but very often, I skim the names of things, especially if they’re hard to pronounce or if I don’t know the word at first. I’m not sure why; maybe it’s a lazy instinct, but sometimes, just after reading the book, I can’t remember the name of the main character, even though I’ve just read 300 odd pages about them – because I didn’t read the name properly to begin with.  
2. I HATE it when people dog-ear pages. Like, MAJOR pet hate of mine**. USE A BOOKMARK PEOPLE. It just seems so trivial, when there are so many other ways to mark the pages of your novels. When/if someone wants to borrow something from me (which is totally fine with me), the first thing I ask is ‘do you fold your pages?’



Well said, One Does Not Simply man.

3. I liked Twilight. Sue me (the court case + the grounds on which it stands would be hilarious)!! I mean, I did read them when I was younger, but I remember loving them and YES, also the movies. I have never, ever found a movie which I didn’t like – EXCEPT for this movie called Yolngu Boy, which we studied in year 9. Worst. film. ever. But, Twilight = yes + I just remembered I SAW THE MIDNIGHT screening of Eclipse when it came out.


4. I’m super judgmental by covers, ESPECIALLY fantasy ones. I think this will be around ttt today, because, well, we do see with our eyes and they’re our main way of judging what’s good/bad/safe/scary etc. This is the same for books, I think and covers help us establish what we like and what we don’t. I do need to GET OUT OF THE HABIT of not reading fantasy books though, because every time I read one I really enjoy it. It’s like if there’s a fairy or warlock or anything supernatural looking on the cover, I’ll automatically say no to it (Bad Lauren).


5. I keep my books in alphabetical order by surname. I think at one stage, I started doing it by name and then decided it was impractical. I used to have them in exact alphabetical order, but it got slightly jumbled when I moved my bookcase, so now they’re just in alphabetical order by the first letter of their surname.
6. I don’t actually know the proper punctuation/etiquette for use of speech marks + punctuation. This is actually so so bad. I always forget whether the punctuation goes inside or outside the speech marks and then I learn ti correctly and then forget it and I know the novel I’m writing is going to have 90% of it wrong (I bet you can ever find it somewhere in this blog post). The second draft (if I even ever finish the first) is going to be HELL because of the all the incorrectly placed speech marks…


7. I mark quotes and things I like in books, so I might end with with multiple book marks throughout. I’m a sentence collector. I mean, people collect stamps and coins and I have a book with lovely/emotional/thought-provoking..quote, if you like. They’re not always the most well known ones (e.g. Okay? Okay). but mostly they’re ones I just see when I’m reading and I’m like YES, this describes me/this is true/I love this.


8. If I don’t like I book to begin with, I ain’t reading it . This is why I struggled so much with starting and finishing (!!) 1984 and To Kill A Mockingbird. They didn’t drag me to to begin with and therefore I was like nope. Maybe I’m too quick to judge – I’m not sure – and as with people, first impressions aren’t always correct – but so far, I’ve never gone back on a book I’ve stopped.

9. I love picking names for my characters. This is weirdly contrasting to my first confession. This is probably my favourite part of writing because I’m creEATING SOMEONE NEW!! I can give them a personality/clothes/looks etc. but I think a name sort of finishes them off and makes them into a real person. I get real satisfaction in really cool character names, and I always appreciate (even if I don’t remember) the awesomeness of the name the author has made up.


10. I go through reading 5 books or a week or not reading for like two months. It’s procrastination to the max for both (whether I’m avoiding reading or something else is the question) and sometimes a slump just overtakes me and I don’t feel like reading anything. I don’t want to read a cute contemporary or a murder mystery or a fantasy novel. I just don’t want to read anything. But then I finally FINALLY find a FANTASTIC/AMAZING book and I eat books up.



*Try saying that five times fast (10 points to Hufflepuff if you got the reference)
** One day I’ll make a list on this!!

Sorry not sorry for the amount of gifs used (I am very grateful/glad to have them back)


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6 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday (12)

  1. I liked Twilight too! Great list.

  2. I do something similar with names of places (pertaining to not reading the names). I sometimes skimp over them and pretend I know what they’re talking about; especially if it’s a contemporary book talking about some place in the world I’m “supposed” to know about…I just act like “yup, uh-huh, magnificent!” and conjure up my own image.

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

  3. +JMJ+

    I liked Twilight, too! =) I love that so many people are “confessing” it on TTT this week. LOL!!!

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