Days of Future Past (13)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


School holidays in review: 1. I watched an obscene amount of movies (13), including 6 dance movies, Bring it On: All or Nothing, The Right Kind of Wrong, Gambit, Save the Date, Struck by Lightning, Ginger and Rosa and Can’t Hardly Wait. Out of those, I think Save the Date was probably the best and Ginger and Rosa wasn’t really my cup of tea.


But Booth definitely is 😉

  This holidays, I only read 6 books, including the dreaded 1984. I would’ve liked to have read more, but between procrastinating my holiday homework, baking (including making a cell cake for biology), and watching WAY too many movies, I didn’t have the time… (Okay, so I had plenty of time, I just used it in different ways).

Saw some friends, GOT TO 35K ON MY NOVEL (unfortunately, I didn’t reach 40k this week, but got somewhere around 36.5k or something), cleaned my room (!!), didn’t decorate my room, went to the city, did some holiday homework and not much else. FUTURE sadcat Tomorrow I start school again. This afternoon my mom informed me that this term (3) is the longest – something like 12 weeks. I pulled a face. I mean, it’s long – which means more classes, more icky teachers, more homework and more assemblies (possibly the most boring thing to happen at our school). BUT, it also means more time with friends, more fun classes (some of them are…), more time to study and BEST OF ALL: the longer term three is, the more time there is till VCE (year 12/I have no idea what people call them in other country) exams!! dr   Pretty much, though. GOALS THIS WEEK: – Finish the book I am currently reading (Winger by Andrew Smith). I was hoping I’d finish this before today, but alas and alack no such luck. – Get up to at least 38k on my novel. – Read at least 2 other books (my book reading and movie-watching will be less this week and in coming weeks, because school has rudely interrupted my school holiday time). – Add more songs on my iPod bookshelf

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