Top Ten Tuesday (13)

NOTE: There is SOME SWEARING in this post (in the gifs)

It’s no secret that I love movies (the link is to my last blog post where I told the world I watched 12 movies over a two week period). I love the feeling of being immersed in something for a couple of hours, and unlike reading, really it doesn’t involve too much effort. Not that I mind putting in effort to read a book, but sometimes all I want to do is aimlessly stare at a screen where the hot boy and girl probably get together.


I will watch practically EVERYTHING: whether it be animated, action, romantic, comedic, dramatic or otherwise. I haven’t seen many films that most people consider ‘modern classics’, for example The Breakfast Club (which I watched a couple of weeks ago for the first time AND I LOVED IT) or Jaws. I’m not a huge fan of scary movies, but I have seen a couple.


Do you guys have any movie recommendations?

I also love TV shows!!! I go through stages of watching 15 episodes a day to 15 episodes a year (note the slight exaggeration). I think the most TV episodes I’ve watched in a single day is 6 forty-five minute episodes of some show. Last summer holidays, I worked my way through 10 seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., because I’d seen most of the episodes here and there, but not in order. I used to be good at watching the whole series, but I’ve been a bit slack and sort of stopped halfway through…


Exhibit A


Exhibit B

This brings me to this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, a meme hosted by the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks topic is Top Ten Favourite Movies or TV Shows! I’ve decided to do half/half because I love both for different reasons.



Top Ten Favorite Movies + TV Shows
1. Harry Potter series
I reckon this will be around a lot of people’s ttts this week. The movie series of Harry Potter is, and always will be, one of the greatest movie series ever created. It brought to life the characters that were created by J.K. Rowling: it gave us a proper picture of their hair/face/personality. It showed the world what Hogwarts + Diagon Alley + Hogsmeade really looked like. As the films came out, we grew along with the cast. Along with my sister and my friend, I went to the midnight premiere of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II in cinemas (dressed as Hermione, mind you).



We fought along with the Golden Trio: finding the stone, getting into the chamber and cheering for Harry during the Triwizard Tournament. We mourned the death of some of our favourite people and were always questioning a certain teachers alliances… Harry Potter will always be apart of my childhood.

2. Love Actually
This is my favourite non-Harry Potter movie. I love the different persepectives of this story; how each person tells their own story, but there’s always some connection in the end. It’s British, which automatically earns it points and it’s just so funny and cute and I can pretty much quote the entire thing. It’s my go-to movie when I’m sad or I don’t feel like concentrating.

Plus Aa

Plus Alan Rickman is in it!

3. 50/50
This is probably the most devastatingly sad movie I’ve ever seen: BUT PLEASE WATCH IT. It’s based on the true story of a man who gets cancer and the lead character is played by Joseph Gordon Levitt and he’s so so good. It’s funny and scary and sad and brilliant and ugh, I love it.

4. The First Time
I watched this recently and the performances from the actors (Brit Robertson + Dyan O’Brien) felt so raw and real + therefore the movie was practically perfect in how it dealt with having sex for the first time.
Okay, so I’ve re-written the next sentence like 4 times and I can’t get it right, so I’m just gonna stop this summary here and instead you have to go out and watch this movie and IT’S SO PERFECT. 


5. Catfish
I didn’t know of the TV show before I watched this and I think it follows a similar concept (but am not entirely sure how the TV is done). For those unfamiliar with the TV show, this movie was filmed by an amateur filmmaker and it’s about an online relationship that doesn’t turn out to be what it was originally said. It’s very poignant and thought-provoking.


Honourable mentionsThe Fault in our Stars, Galore, Pitch Perfect, 27 Dresses, (practically every movie ever).

I worked through 8 seasons of this before I could watch it live. I LOVE this TV show because it’s pretty much a supremely long medical mystery. It’s centred around Dr. Temperance Brennan (a.k.a. Bones) and her partner, Dr. Sealey Booth, an F.B.I officer. There’s a BRILLIANT supporting cast, including John Francis Daley (who is known from Freaks and Geeks famedom) and Michaela Conlin who is super pretty (and plays Brennan’s best friend)!

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
As I said up there (^), I worked through 10 seasons of these in my summer holidays. F.R.I.E.N.D.S., for the group of you who are uneducated (jokes, ily), is centred around a group of six people. The TV show starts when Rachel re-enters Monica’s life, setting off a series of hilarious/sad/what-the-hell moments that involve Ross (Monica’s brother), Phoebe (her ex-roommate) and Joey and Chandler (her next door neighbours).

3. Skins (UK)
Skins is a British (and also American, but the British one is WAY better), drama that follows the lives of a group of teenagers in Bristol, South West England through two years of their schooling. There is A LOT of sex, drugs and partying, but the characters are great, the accents are greater and it’s a life you wished you lived. There’s seven seasons, and every 2 seasons, the characters get cycled through. So, season 1+ 2 had the same characters, seasons 3 +4 had the same characters, season 5 +6 had the same characters and season 7 was a special event and it focused on three of the characters, dedicating 2 episodes to each of them: sort of like a ‘where are you now?’ thing.


4. My Mad Fat Diary
MFD is focused on Rae Earl, who has just left a psychiatric hospital where she has spent four months. She begins to re-connect with Chloe, her best friend from before, who didn’t know where Rae had been; instead thinking she was in France. Rae has to deal with her own issues, while trying to impress Chloe’s friends Izzy, Chop, Archie and Finn. It’s based on My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary by (author) Rae Earl. As Brian Semple, of The Independent, says [about MMFD]:  “surprisingly honest, funny and even moving account of what it’s like for a teenage girl to live with serious mental health problems, free of many of the clichés that often inform how mental illness is portrayed on TV,” going on to say that Rae “has a mental illness, but it doesn’t define her. It’s just something that she has to deal with and try to manage on a daily basis, just like the one in ten young people in the UK who have a mental illness.” Semple refers to My Mad Fat Diary as a “breath of fresh air and will do a lot to change the way young people think about mental health.”


5. Winners and Losers
STRAYA!! This is an Australian TV series about 4 girls who reunited at their high-school reunion and won the 8 million dollar lottery after buying a ticket the day after. It’s so funny and sad and refreshing and complex. There’s drama left, right and centre, including babies, marriages, mental illness, moving away from the girls and just general relationship dramas. It’s primarily focused on Sophie Wong, Francis Green, Jenny Gross and Bec Gilbert, but there’s a myriad of amazing supporting actors/actresses that are wonderful additions to the show.


Honourable mentions: Please Like Me, Carrie Diaries Puberty Blues
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  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I used to watch Bones, and then I just stopped. Not sure why…

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