Top Ten Tuesday (15)

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is about books! I mean, they’re all about books – whether directly or indirectly. but this week, ttt is asking about my books. This will give me the chance to show off share my (not so) amazing stash of books.


I used to be a massive library goer. I would every weekend and max out my card, returning them the next week – all read – to borrow another obscene amount of books. Books I own have mostly been acquired for birthdays, through books vouchers and the rare purchase.

Lately though (see: the last year or so), I haven’t exactly frequented the library; moreover, I would be lucky if I even went more than five times. I’m not sure what happened – I think I may have substituted reading for school work.


I sort of put reading on the back-burner, and stopped for WAY too long. I recently started reading again – all thanks to the Inky Awards and the book bloggers that I follow and see around the internet. I am so so grateful that I found book bloggers who are AMAZING people – and SO dedicated too.


This leads to me to this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks topic Ten Authors I Own the Most Books from. Going through my books, I actually don’t own a whole lot of books by specific authors – I mean there are some – but mostly I own just one or two by each author or borrow them from the library.

Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From
1. Jacqueline Wilson
I have about 12 of these and I think about 11 of them are signed. I met her once and my sister forget to give me Secrets, so that’s the one not signed. I had a slight obsession with her: I have got her signed autobiography Jacky Daydream and even did a project on her in grade 6.


2. John Green
I think I have all of his (major) published works. I bought them after a slight obsession with TFIOS: going on a ‘buy all the John Green books available on The Book Depository’ spree. It was a fun time. I have read them all, except for An Abundance of Katherines, which, in my defence, I have tried to start the book multiple times, but have not enjoyed it, so have not persevered. But hopefully, one day!

johngreen+kangaroo3. Monica McInerney
I have more books of hers than I thought. I think I’ve read all of them, but only own about 6. I LOVE her style of writing and how it’s set in Australia and it’s so fresh and exciting and yay for her!
4. Jean Ure
I didn’t remember I actually had these until a couple of months ago my sister was cleaning out her cupboards and decided to give me all the books that were mine, so I got an influx of 5 or so Jean Ure books, which I did not have space for in my bookshelf (so now they live in a stack on top of the books already in the bookshelf).

cat+bookshelf5. Michael Robotham
This is more of a family set of books, but I do personally own one of his books, but there are multiple of his books that live in my bookshelf (therefore they temporarily belong to me). I have also met him!!  

6. J.K. Rowling
These don’t live in my room, and they’re more of a communal set, but I think there’s a part of Harry Potter that lives in me. (Surprise, I am a wizard!) We have the entire set – but only one of each, so when it comes time to move out, I think there’ll be a bit of an argument between my sisters and I for who gets them.

yourmomschesthair7. Stephenie Meyer
This is more of a family set: one of each book, except for Eclipse, which we have 3 copies of. One came with the original set and my sister and I both won a copy.


We also have communal sets of Jodi Picoult’s books and my sister owns the Infernal Devices and Divergent trilogy. She is much more dedicated to owning whole series, which is good for me because it means I can read them, but I don’t have to pay for them.


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