Days of Future Past (20)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.

This week (especially the weekend) went super super fast!!! The week, once again, was a blur of assessments, school work and trying not to stress out. This weekend, I went to Luna Park (amusement park) with my friends and participated in a debate – British Parliamentary style.


Luna Park was awesome and we went on every single ride, but unfortunately, The Scenic Railway, which is the iconic rollercoaster around the edges of the park was shut down for fixing.

The British Parliamentary debating thingo was pretty cool. I’ve done debating before, but it’s been the usual 3 v 3 type, so this was something completely new to me. I definitely enjoyed it and would like to do it again sometime.


Regarding reading this week, I did manage one book – Life or Death (Michael Robotham). It was a completely new book, in such there were no old characters, and while I missed them, I also enjoyed reading about new ones.
I don’t even know if I can say I wrote this week, considering the fact that I wrote approximately 2 lines. But, as they say, any writing is good writing, right?


But definitely the most exciting thing that happened this week was that I spoke at The Melbourne Writer’s Festival at the event You’re The Voice, where the 2014 Inky Awards shortlist* was released.


Us plus crowd (I on the left sitting at the front)




Myself, Angus and Vinhara (the other two Victorian judges)

It was an amazing and surreal experience and I would like to thank Youth Lit, The State Library of Victoria, Adele, Jordi, the other judges and Insideadog for making this one of the best/most memorable days of my life.

I also met Ellie Marney and Will Kostakis which sent me into a (quiet) flurry of fangirling and excitment. I couldn’t very well freak out, since they were sitting right there.


This week just means one less week to exams and the end of the year.

*freaks out*

This week I would like to read A Corner of White which is SIGNED (thanks again to Insideadog), and I’ve been meaing to for ages, so this week is as good as any. Maybe also something else, if time/my effort permits.

I would like to write at least 500 words, which may seem like quite a small amount, but considering my track record in recent weeks, I need to start smallish and work my way up.

As it gets closer to the end, my aim will not be to finish books etc, but to at least make sure I’m actually reading. Sometimes, unfortunately, reading takes a hit when there is a) either compulsory reading involved (eg 1984 or just lots of notes) or b) if there’s just a lot of work and that takes precedence.


Me in every situation

* Everyone. If you head over to Insideadog now, you will be able to vote for which book you think should be chosen as the shortlist(s) winner.

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