Days of Future Past (21)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


This week has been very slow (almost non-existent) in terms of reading and writing. I didn’t finish any books and didn’t write anything on my novel (I did write a context piece and multiple pages of study notes, though). I started Corner of White (Jaclyn Moriarty), but didn’t really connect with the characters and just the book as a whole. I still like the premise, so maybe will try it again. I started another book – Why We Broke Up (Daniel Handler) – which so far is awesome and funny and the pictures at every chapter are fantastic. Also, for Series of Unfortunate Events fans, Lemony Snicket is Daniel Handler’s pen name! I never did get into the series as a child – maybe it’s not too late?



I also got a new bookcase because I ran out of shelf space on my other one. It’s much taller and already quite full! When I one day move out, I will definitely have to have a revolving bookcase that revolves to reveal a (personal) library.


I have two more weeks of school this term, practice VCE exams in the holidays, four more weeks of school next term, real exams and then one week of year 12 orientation week and VOILA, I have one more year of school left! Putting it like that just makes exams seem all that much closer, so I’m just going to say I have approximately 6 weeks of school left and leave it at that.


This week is also my school’s annual 24/7 – which is soon turning to be biannual, which unfortunately means that next year (aka my last year of school), the event will not be happening. A quick run down: the event was started in my first year of high school (2009) and it involves teams of 7, running around the school oval for 24 hours – relay style. We camp out on the school oval and every year the event has grown with approx 30 teams in 2010 and this year we’ve got about 150 teams!

Every year we raise money for a different charity, and we’ve raised money for CanTeenBeyond Blue [to name a few] and this year we’re raising money for State School’s Relief, which aims to raise money for people who can’t afford uniforms/shoes etc., helping them fit in and consequently lessening bullying.

I’ve never actually run in the event, due to medical reasons, but I’ve been on the committee every year and seen it grow from a tiny event to something 3/4 of the school is involved in! This years theme in Disney (in correlation with State School’s Relief). The teams are meant to dress up and some of the costumes are AMAZING. This year, the committee has received jumpers (and t-shirts, like previous years), so I’m not dressing up, but I made some Mickey ears, so I’m in the Disney spirit. This event is happening from 9am on Friday to 9am the following morning, with the committee having to be there at 5am (!!) to set up the course.

I love the 24/7 and am SO SO SO excited for Friday to hurry up and arrive!


In between all the last minute tests and desperate studies, I would like to finish the book I’m currently reading and maybe read something else, if I can. I REALLY NEED TO WRITE SOMETHING. Saturday is probably off the cards, due to sleep deprivation, but Sunday maybe, if homework and effort permits.

Anything exciting coming up for anyone?


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