Days of Future Past (22)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


Once again, this week has been dismal in terms of reading and writing. I didn’t write anything and managed to finish only one book: My Life Next Door (Huntley Fitzpatrick), which I loved!

I also participated in my school’s 24/7 event – which I explained in last weeks post. It was definitely the best event yet, but I do have a word of warning: don’t stay up for a continuous 30 hours if you can help it! The actual event in 24 hours (hence the name), and I wasn’t tired so I didn’t get around to sleeping (resulting in my first all-nighter), but then when I finally went home, I ate some lunch and finally crashed. I only had a nap, which left me feeling icky when I woke up and then last night managed to sleep for almost 12 hours!

cat falling asleep


This week is my last week of school and then I’ve got a 2 week holiday!! I’ve only got 2 assessments (so far) this week and I’d like it to stay that low. I’ve got practice VCE exams in the holidays, so all my energy will be focused towards studying for them. My final art piece is due super soon and I’m doing okay for time at the moment, but the due date is just rushing up like a cheetah (a.k.a super super fast).


I would like to finish the book I’m (still) reading: Why We Broke Up and actually get some writing done. Since the holidays are making an appearance soon, I think I’ll have to make every effort to sit down and write during them. I know I have to study as well, but this is a perfect opportunity to write as much as I can. I would also like to start decorating my wall (finally) because I think I have an idea (again), but this time it might actually work/I might like it.

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