Top Ten Tuesday (22)

I’ve been introduced to so many new books, and therefore, SO many new authors. But unfortunately, time is not infinite (or rather, time IS infinite, but my life is not) and therefore, I don’t have enough time to read EVERY SINGLE BOOK. Which is sad. But, because of this life-isn’t-infinite-thing, the number of books I read is limited (also sad). Which means that I tend to read one book of an author and move on, which is a silly idea, because authors often write multiple AMAZING books.



Like J.K. Rowling. Or Michael Robotham. Or Stephenie Meyer. Or Ellie Marney. Or actually most authors with series. I have a tendency to finish book series, but if there are multiple not-connected books written by the same author, I don’t often read them. I think it’s part laziness (actually it’s mostly laziness) or sometimes to book feels like a stand-alone and I’ve sort of already said goodbye and then there’s another one and it’s like why?


But as this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, I am going to list my Top Ten Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From but NEED to Read More. Here’s to being pro-actively not lazy to reading more than one book by a single author, even if it’s not in a series *raises glass*


Top Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More
1. Kaisie West, author of The Distance Between Us
This was so cute and I probably even squealed when I read this (or maybe aw-ed). I’ve been meaning to read Pivot Point for ages so as soon I can get down to the library I will get Pivot Point.
2. Huntley Fitzpatrick, author of My Life Next Door
I just finished reading this and it was so so cute and had much more depth than I expected. It felt really realistic and I really need to read What I Thought Was True asap.
3. Erin Lange, author of Butter
I really enjoyed this book and the way (childhood) obesity was explored from the point of the view of the person experiencing it. The whole butter theme throughout was a really interesting way to tie everything together. I actually have Dead Ends as my next book to read!
4. Amie Kaufman + Meagan Spooner, co-authors of These Broken Stars
I LOVED this book. I went in thinking, ‘ew, fantasy and twinkly lights and the old cliche of boy and girl stuck together’, but this book was A++ CAN I PLEASE GET SHATTERED WORLD NOW?? I’m pretty sure both the authors (or just one?) have their own separate books, but I’m trying to hold out for This Shattered World.
5. Gabrielle Tozer, author of The Intern
This book was funny, realistic, seriously well written and it really struck a chord with me. I felt like I was Josie – or at least I wanted to be her. The whole magazine/writing internship sounded perfect (I mean, besides the various mishaps), but it just felt like I could be there.
6. Jon Skovron, author of Man Made Boy
This book was so good and I have just read there is a sequel coming out!! *excited face* The writing was fresh and crisp (sounds like I am describing a bag of lettuce), and in sticking with that analogy, I would like some more to crunch on!
7. Brian Selznick, author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret
This was a beautiful beautiful book. I know there wasn’t a lot of writing, but, along with the pictures, the words made the whole book enchantingly spooky (but in a good way).
8. Mitch Albom, author of The Five People You Meet in Heaven
This was written so so well. I once bought a copy of Tuesdays with Morrie, but never got around to reading it. It got very good reviews, and I kept saying I’d read it, but for some reason, I came to this one first.
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