Days of Future Past (23)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


I wrote something this week! It wasn’t very much, but at least I got something down on paper (well, virtual paper). I finally finished Why We Broke Up AND managed 2 other books: Dead Ends (Erin Lange) which was so so amazing. I really love the way she writes because it takes on a different perspective than I normally see in YA books. The book didn’t shy away from serious subjects, but it wasn’t all really heavy – everything was perfectly slotted in. I ALSO READ ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER (Stephanie Perkins) AND NOW I CAN HAVE A HAPPILY EVERY AFTER. Stephanie Perkins’ books are the stuff of the gods and I urge EVERYONE TO READ THEM. Ugh, all the love for Josh and Isla and Meredith and Anna and St. Clair and Cricket and Lola and Calliope and Rashmi and just everyone. Plus, can’t I please have some of Josh’s drawing skills???

On a different note, NO MORE SCHOOL (for two weeks only, though). Or rather I should say, no more classes, because while you still have holiday homework and (practice) exams to study for, ‘school’ in the very literal sense is still on. But, I am not complaining, BECAUSE HOLIDAYS!



This means various things:
1. Uninterrupted movie and TV show watching
2. Unliminited book reading time
3. More time to bake glorious (unnecessarily) complicated things

Like mint chocolate macarons

Like mint chocolate macarons

4. More time to do my homework (which will probably get done towards the end part of the holidays, no matter how many times I tell myself I will do it during the first weekend, which has, incidentally, already passed. In my defense though, I did get some studio practical done, I finished my maths and I’ve done half of my biology).

5. I AM GOING TO THE MELBOURNE SHOW FOR THE FIRST TIME. For those who don’t know, the Melbourne show is a fairground where there are animals, over-priced rides and a massive variety of show-bags, which is the real reason people go to the show.


It’s also the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanna this week, starting on Wednesday night and going until Thursday night. This means A LOT of eating, family, friends and a weird amount of round food to symbolise the new year being whole once again. We have apples (dipped in honey for a sweet new year) and round challah (Jewish bread).

I recommend it though!

I recommend it though!

Other than that, I’ll try and do a little bit of studying every day, so I don’t have to cram when it gets close to the exams. When we go back to school, we only have 4 more weeks of proper school and then real exams are so much closer!!

P.s. Let It Snow (John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson) has been optioned for a movie!!


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2 Responses to Days of Future Past (23)

  1. Cait says:

    Hasn’t EVERYTHING John Green has ever written been optioned for a movie now?!! It’s a bit crazy, but I’m so excited I don’t even care! XD HUZZAH! I loved TFIOS, it was such an incredible adaption. Lucky you getting to go to the Melbourne Show. We used to go to the Brisbane one when I was small, but…hehe, I don’t do so well in big crowds anyway. Still the experience is awesome. ^_^ I hope you have a good holiday! I LOVED Dead Ends and was okay about Why We Broke Up. (I think I mostly liked it because it was Snicket, hehe.)

    • I’m just waiting for ‘Looking for Alaska’ and ‘Will Grayson Will Grayson’ and then I will die happy (provided many other wonderful things happen along the way). The show was pretty cool – LOTS of people though, so maybe I’ll stick to going every couple of years (that way I can still go, but not be squashed by all the people and also spend all my money on (yummy) food) 😀 I am definitely officially in love with Erin Lange’s writing- every time I think she’s going one way, the books take another direction entirely! I will read Lemony Snicket’s books one day…

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