Day of Future Past (24)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


Week one of the school holidays is up. *Pulls sad face* I have ‘achieved’ the following things:
– Completed most of my holiday homework (avoiding the extension questions for our 1984 English homework).
– Finished everything for studio (just waiting for when we can hand the final work in, take a photo, put it in the slideshow and hand that in).
– Read ONE book, which is a very dismal effort. The book was Take Me On (Katie McGarry). It was pretty cliche (tough guy and girl etc), but I really did enjoy reading it and am definitely going to get more books from the author.
– Not writing

(in myself)

(in myself)

– Ate too much food during Rosh Hashanna (the Jewish New Year)
– STARTED STUDYING (It is all very boring, but I have successfully finished writing notes for topic 1 of my geography. So far, I have successfully avoided studying studio (see: very good procrastination), but I’ll probably have to start tomorrow).




My friend and I are seeing The Maze Runner (FINALLY), which I am super excited about because it looks pretty cool (plus: DYLAN O’BRIEN HOTNESS). I haven’t read the book yet, and did want to read it before seeing the film, but as that has not happened (and looks like it’s not going to), I definitely want to read it afterwards. I very rarely see movies and then read the books after (can’t think of a time off the top of my head), but I’ll give it a go.


I would also still like to see If I Stay (but no plans have been made) and I also have tentative plans for Step Up: All In. I LOVE LOVE dance movies because they cast is so amazingly talented and they’re so fun and exciting. (That really isn’t a proper reason. I just love them).

I’m currently reading Landline (Rainbow Rowell). I have loved her previous books (especially Fangirl), and have also read her other adult book, Attachments, which I really enjoyed (once I got into it), but this is weird. Not good or bad weird (yet), but just plain weird. I like the plot so far, but there’s like this hint of magic, as such, and it’s just out of the blue – like SURPRISE.


My sister borrowed The 5th Wave (Rick Yancey) from the library, so as soon as I’m finished Landline, I want to get to that. I also found While We Run (Karen Healey), the sequel to When We Wake, which I read during the Inky Awards. I was pretty excited, since I didn’t even know there was a sequel.

I’m not counting on writing too much (if at all this week), because I do have trial exams and at the moment, I’m trying to focus on studying (which is a feat in itself). But, here’s hoping.

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2 Responses to Day of Future Past (24)

  1. Have fun watching The Maze Runner — I really want to watch that movie, too. It looks so great! I’ve read the book and I think it’ll translate to screen really, really well. At least most of your school work is done. Maybe you’ll have more time to read and write now? Hopefully, anyway. I find studying easier than actually doing new work (though much more boring). 🙂

    • Weirdly enough, I prefer doing work over studying. I at least feel like I’m learning/doing something, whereas studying is just going over and over the work again. But, there is some sort of relief in that also. I really want to finish writing before the end of Oct/beginning of November for NaNo, but I don’t think I’ll get there. I’m a terrible (or very effective – depending on how you look at this) procrastinator and even though I probably have the time and do want to write, I procrastinate!

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