Days of Future Past (25)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


I have successfully finished all my trial exams – now I’ve just got the real ones to go. I’ve written all my notes for the two year 12 subjects I’m taking (I’m in year 11), and now it’s a matter of just remembering. What I wouldn’t give to have a photographic memory right about now!


I saw the Maze Runner during the week and it was AWESOME – and way better than I expected. I also did see Step Up: All In, which I think lacked in plot, but there was epic dancing, so that made up for it.

I managed to finish Landlines and it still remains weird. I’ve yet to have judgement on the overall book, but I really enjoyed Georgie’s narration of the book: she was funny, a little bit clueless and relatable. I also finished While We Run (Karen Healey) which was pretty good, but I enjoyed the first book in the series (When We Wake) slightly more; I think because I enjoyed Tegan’s narration over Abdi’s. I’ve started the 5th Wave and so far, so good. I’m quite surprised at myself that this is my second dystopian in a row, because I can probably count the number of dystopians I’ve read in my whole life on my fingers.




I start school again after a two week break (which wasn’t all that much of a break because I did have holiday homework and also trial exams, which I had to study for), but it was WAY better than having school. Scarily/fortunately, I only have a four week term – and it’s pretty much all revision, for the upcoming end-of-year-exams. This is how I feel about studying:


But, I only have these four weeks and one more year of school left. This year has gone so so fast and I’ve got no doubt that next year will go even faster, considering it is my last.

This week, I plan to finish The 5th Wave and possibly start on something else – I have nothing out from the library/nothing pressing that I need to read, so it’ll just be whatever book I can get my hands on when I’ve finished The 5th Wave. Once again, I would like to write, but in the next couple of weeks, school is definitely taking priority.

What was the best thing about your week?

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