Days of Future Past (27)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


Okay. So I didn’t write *sad face*. But, I did read. I finished Wintergirls which I still don’t know if I read – I remember this one bit, but not the rest of it – but either way it’s (still) AMAZING. Anderson writes in this beautiful moving prose that perfectly fits the character and the mood in the book. I’ve also just started Afterworlds (Scott Westerfeld), which I am SUPER EXCITED about. It’s so relatable and just such a good idea! It’s told in alternating chapters between Darcy Patel, who has just published her first books (Afterworlds) and Lizzie, the protagonist of Darcy’s book. So far, it hasn’t been at all confusing (which I was worried about at first) and I’m still marvelling at the idea of the two alternating stories.


It’s getting closer and closer to year 12 exams, which also happen to be the same day as the year 11 exams (which sucks). I’m not hugely worried about getting amazing marks for year 11, but I still have to pass and to pass I have study, which is annoying, because I mostly want to focus on the more important exams. But IN LESS THAN A MONTH, this will all be over!! And then I’ve only got one more year of school left. Which is pretty exciting, but scary at the same time.



I. WILL WRITE (even though we know what next weeks’s post will have to report on this matter…) I would like to finish Afterworlds, which, between all the episodes of Grey’s I’m watching and the procrastinating studying I’m doing, it might take me a while plus it’s quite a big longer than the last book I read.


This week i also the announcement of the Inky’s Award winners, which is going to be AWESOME!! I’m actually so excited to see who wins the awards and ALL 5 NOMINATED AUTHORS OF THE GOLD AWARD WILL BE THERE. It’s actually going to be one of the best days ever!! On the same night, I’m having my studio arts exhibition (with the rest of my class) for our final artworks, which means the day is going to be pretty damn amazing.


Otherwise, more studying, hopefully reading AND DEFINITELY WRITING going on this week.


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