Top Ten Tuesday (26)

I LOVE reading book series! I mean, I also really love reading stand-a-lone books, but I feel like books that are in a series allow me get to know the character more extensively and also allows for more character development. I don’t often read fantasy books, but when I do, they’re mostly series. Case in point: Harry PotterTwilight, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices. I have read some of the Pretty Little Liars series, but once I’d stopped (because I’d read all the books out at that current moment), Sara Sheppard released like 23435 new books for the series. (Okay, so a bit of an exaggeration, but I felt like there were SO many new books added. Maybe one day I’ll try and read them again as a full series).


I know I’m late AGAIN, and to add salt to a wound, this post has been sitting in my browser tabs since WEDNESDAY to be edited. I am a terrible (or very effective, depending on how you look at it), procrastinator! I really REALLY need to start using the scheduling function.

But, I am here (finally), and this brings me to this weeks Top Ten Tuesday meme, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. The topic for this week is Top New Series I Want To Start (New..let’s say within the last year or two), which I have modified to Top Ten Series I want to Start (whether they’re from this year or 10 years ago).


Top Ten Series I Want To Start
1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Rick Riordan)
I read the first one way back when I was in year 7, but never read past it. It was mostly because the second book, which I’d reserved, didn’t ever arrive, so by the time I figure out it wasn’t coming, I had mostly forgotten what had happened. I have seen the first movie (and maybe the second??), but I do really want to read to books – and now that the final one is out, I won’t have to wait for ages!
2. The Chronicles of Narnia (C.S. Lewis)
I never did get into Narnia (books or movies) and I think it’s about time! It seems to be a universally loved book and I want to be a part of this group. The most of Narnia I’ve seen is the part in The Epic Movie, which is spoof anyway, so I don’t think it’s overly accurate.

whyepicmovie3. His Dark Materials (Phillip Pullman)
These sound AMAZING, but once again, I never got into this series when I was younger. Both of sisters have read it and I keep meaning to read them, but never get around to it. I have seen the movie and remember really liking it, so I have to find those books soon.
4. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)
This sounds plain awesome. I’ve heard that the rest of the books in the (infinite) series aren’t as good, but I at least want to read the first few. Plus, I’ve just found there was a movie, so now I want to read the book more, so I can watch the movie afterwards.

5. The Program (Suzanne Young)
I love LOVE the synopsis for this. I saw a poster for it at the library the other day and I was like YES, THIS LOOKS SO GOOD! I didn’t know it was a series, so that was an added bonus.
6. Pivot Point (Kasie West)
On the Fence is very high up on my most liked books for 2014, so I’m pretty excited for Pivot Point. My only worry is that it’s got some supernatural elements in it and I’m not a huge fan of this and therefore won’t like it, but hopefully I’ll surprise myself
7. The Maze Runner (James Dashner)
My sister is taking FOREVER to read this, and when she’s finally done, I want to read it. Like Hitchiker’s, I’ve heard the rest of the series isn’t as good, but I think I’d still read it, because I definitely want to see the fate of the kids and the other trials. I have seen the movie, so I know some of what happens, but one of my friends told me that they’re quite different, and the book is way better, so I’m excited for this.


8. The Magisterium series (Cassandra Clare and Holly Black)
Cassandra Clare rules! I have read both The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series and loved them both, so this can’t be too bad, right?! I’ve never read anything of Holly Black’s, but have seen a few blog posts proclaiming love for her and her books, so I’m putting my faith in them.
9. A Thousand Pieces of You (Claudia Grey)
I’ve been wanting to read this for ages – ever since it was announced – PLUS look at that cover – but I didn’t know it was a series! I’m clearly not very good at the whole series thing, but it does give for good surprise when it turns out that the book is indeed a series.

10. Noughts and Crosses (Malorie Blackman)
Okay. So this is slightly cheating, because I have actually read this series, but a) I REALLY want to read it again, b) I’ve been wanting to reread it for AGES, and it was the first series that came to mind when I read the topic for this weeks ttt, and c) I was probably about 10 when I read it the first time, and the only thing I remember was that it was really good and something about a prison and forest, so I would like to refresh my memories of the book.

Honourable mention: A Series of Unfortunate Events. One day.

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