Days of Future Past (28)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


I WROTE SOMETHING. TO BE EXACT, I WROTE 1, 329 WORDS, some of which included a plan (so it wasn’t ALL novel), but I am extremely happy with the plan and I definitely needed it, so it counts in my head.


I also managed – between writing an essay plan, writing out (apparently important) 1984 quotes, two essay questions for geography, a studio essay and half-finishing media questions – to finish Afterworlds (Scott Westerfeld), which I absolutely LOVED! The concept sounded amazing even before I started reading and I am very very glad to say that I think that Scott Westerfeld not only pulled it off, he fricking ACED it. I think Darcy’s perseverance as a writer and where she ended up made me want to write write write, so maybe I can one day have that chance.

Me writing notes for exams

Me writing notes for exams

My studio arts 2014 VCE exhibition was pretty cool, although the action room that the exhibition was in was seriously boiling hot because a) the day had been like 31 degrees, and b), it was upstairs, which increased the rising heat. It was also a tiny room.

Messages in Time (VCE Studio Arts 2014)

Messages in Time (VCE Studio Arts 2014)

It was also the announcement of the winners of the gold and silver Inky Awards!! The ceremony was super fun and festive and ALL FIVE (nominated gold) AUTHORS WERE THERE – it was seriously so brilliant. They each spoke about themselves/ their books/ what inspires them for 5 minutes and we (the judges) spoke and then we had morning tea, where there were cute little miniature ice-creams and amazing milkshakes in adorable tiny glass containers and a 10 question game for people to participate in to win books. Then, we a book quiz AND THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE WINNERS!

The winner of the Gold Inky Award, WILL KOSTAKIS (with Angus, Vinhara and myself)

The winner of the Gold Inky Award, WILL KOSTAKIS (with Angus, Vinhara and myself)

I was super proud and privileged the announce the winner of the Gold Inky Award – which was Will Kostakis, for The First Third. The winner for the Silver Inky award was Julie Berry for All the Truth That’s In Me (who obviously wasn’t here, because of, you know, seas and land borders and stuff). BUT, she did have a super nice video thanking people for the award.


My (non-instagramed) sized collage from the day!

(L-R, T-B):
Selfie with Claire Zorn. I am horrible at taking selfies, but there is a way better one on her Instagram
Selfie with Will Kostakis and Angus (one of the other Victorian judges)
(Oscar’s) Judges and authors selfie
Judges selfie
(I think I took WAY too many selfies on the day)


My ‘announcement’ card


All the SUPER lovely authors, L-R: Ellie Marney, Amie Kaufman, Claire Zorn, Will Kostakis and Allyse Near


I WILL DEFINITELY NEED TO WRITE. Aferworlds has given me that much needed inspiration and drive to finish this novel (probably only got about 10-15k to write to finally finish MY FIRST DRAFT EVER). Hopefully I can manage everything with exams coming closer and closer. I’ve also just started reading The Moon and More (Sarah Dessen). I really like her cute-sy contemporary books: they have romance, flare and just the right amount of excitement in them. I’ve also just borrowed Hate is such a strong word (Sarah Ayroub), so I would like to read that when I finish The Moon and More.


In other news, I’ve seen around the blogosphere, that while there won’t be a second Mortal Instruments movie (sad face), there is going to be a TV SHOW?!!?! WHICH IS PRETTY EXCITING. This sounds weird, but hopefully it doesn’t come out too soon, because I won’t be able to watch it, what with all the other TV shows I watch and school etc. Otherwise, it’s just another normal week of working too little and procrastinating too much.

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