Top Ten Tuesday (27)

I really like the concept of Halloween, but a) I am lazy and b) it’s not really a big thing in Australia. I always have wonderous plans in my head to dress up in amazing costumes and have cool (gross) Halloween food and decorations (including a Jack-O-Lantern). I LOVE LOVE pumpkin pie, which is probably my favourite thing about Halloween.



This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is Top Ten Books/Movies To Read Or Watch To Get In The Halloween Spirit OR Top Ten Characters Who I Would Totally Want To Be For Halloween. I very rarely read ‘scary’ books (unless we count murder mysteries as that type of scary), nor do I watch scary movies. To date, I think I’ve only ever seen two scary movies: Orphan (which I’ve seen like three times) and The Roommate.


Instead, I am going to take the 2nd topic and customise it. Every year, instead of muck-up day, the year 12s get to dress up in a costume that starts with one of their initials. For example, if your name is Hermione Granger, you can dress up as someone/something that begins with the letter ‘H’ or the letter ‘G’. There’s been some pretty amazing/hilarious/plain weird results over the years and next year is my year! So, I’m teaming up with The Broke and the Bookish’s original meme Top Ten Tuesday to list the Top Ten Costumes I Would Dress Up For Year 12 (could be literary references involved).


Top Ten Costumes I Would Dress Up For Year 12
1. Rita Skeeter

I think this would be fun to dress up as, and hopefully a lot of Harry Potter fans would recognise the costume. I don’t think it would be too hard – green skirt suit, curly blonde-ish hair and that rude pen of hers!
2. Luna Lovegood
She’s been on my list for FOREVER. She would be super super awesome and fun to dress up as, complete with her upside copy of The Quibbler. I haven’t decided which costume I would wear for her, but at the moment, I’m leaning towards her pink coat, her spectrespecs, her blue stockings and definitely her radish earrings!

3. Romeo Montague
I think this would be amusing – what with (possibly) an ugly suit, and a bowl cut hair (which I would be wigging for), I think I could possibly veto it on the issue that it could be a bit boring. Dressing up at school is something that only happens once ever and I would want to go 100% over the top with it.
4. Rapunzel
I mean, I don’t have the long hair, but this could be fun! I would probably go for Rapunzel in the more non-traditional sense; that is, I’d most likely go at Rapunzel from Tangled or even from the end of Frozen – that way I could pull of the short brown hair instead!
5. Remy (rat from Ratatouille)
I would hire this costume, and again, veto it for the possible boring-ness. Plus, people could think I would just be a rat, which is fine (I do like rats), but it isn’t what I would be going as.

6. Little Red Riding Hood
Again, this has been on my list for FOREVER. It’s pretty classic/standard and the only reason I wouldn’t do it would be because other people might do it, and it wouldn’t be as good if there were multiple ‘hoods.
7. Robin (as in Batman and Robin)
I thought of this one recently, and it could work really well, as I have a friend with a B initial, so she could go as Batman, and I’d be her sidekick Robin. But again, it’ll probably be super popular and it also depends on the weather (as do a lot of these) because I DO NOT want to be spending a 31 degree day inside a full suit or something thick and just not suitable for the day.
8. Lucius Malfoy
This would be interesting. I would have to find a long blonde wig somewhere (which I would also use for Luna) and a pair of robes, which would be a good (long-awaited) purchase.
9. Ronald Weasley
I think this would be SO MUCH BETTER if I naturally had red hair. It would then definitely just work with the look better, but I still think it has potential.

10. Regina George
This, again, was a recent addition to the list; being added because I think my friend is going at Karen Smith and we could sort of go together. My only problem is that Regina doesn’t really have any unique outfits, so I could just look a random person.

What do you guys do at your school for year 12? What would you dress up as if you could?



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