Days of Future Past (30)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


This week was my last ever week of year 11 (classes). I still have year 11 exams (starting Tuesday), but as of Friday, I officially have one more year of high school left (which is seriously CRAZY and SCARY). But at the same time, I’m kinda looking forward to it: being the oldest in the school, formal (as a year 12 student) and I guess just finally finishing forever.


Other than that, REVISION, REVISION, REVISION. Mostly for my studio arts exam WHICH IS TOMORROW, but also (much more half-heartedly) for biology, media, english, maths and geography (which, since it’s my other VCE subject, I will get properly cracking on once the studio exam is finished). I’m not actually nervous (yet), but we’ll see tomorrow morning!

I did manage to READ AND WRITE this week. I read THREE BOOKS (it almost seems the busier I am, the more I read)! I read Flirty Dancing, which was super-cute, but I felt like I was reading a book more written for a much younger audience. I also read Pivot Point which is AMAZING and I have already ordered Split Second from my library. I have just finished Lock and Key (Sarah Dessen), which was super good. I really love her books and I was under the impression that I’d actually read most of them, but it seems I haven’t; I think I’ve just read a few of them multiple times (which makes no sense). So, that is my goal in the next couple of weeks: locate and read the books of Sarah Dessen’s which I haven’t yet.


I also wrote!! It wasn’t very much – only about 470 words or so, but when I am finished exams (next Tuesday), I am determined to finish this thing. I probably only have approx 10 thousand more words to go and I’d love to get it done before the end of NaNo – as if I’m an honorary participant for the end of November. I would also LOVE to do NaNa sometime – but unfortunately it falls right smack bang in the middle of my exam period. Which is sad. But, once I have finished school, I will 100% do it.


WELL OF COURSE THE EXAM(S). Tomorrow is studio (which is a VCE one), and then Wednesday: biology, Thursday, maths (both year 11), Friday geography (VCE and therefore more important), weekend: STUDY LIKE HELL, Monday: media and Tuesday: English AND THEN FREEDOM. I’m going to the book launch of Amie Kaufman’s This Shattered World on Friday the 21st of November (where Jay Cristoff is also launching his new book), which is a present to myself for surviving (I also bought myself a CD player because my one broke and I need somewhere to play Taylor Swift’s 1989 WHICH IS AMAZING (having only listened to it approximately twice on the lounge room CD player)).



Other than that, nothing much is happening this week, except I would like to read at least one book and write something, even if it is just to get away from my books. I am also determined to fill in this month’s Beautiful Books on time this month!!

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