Days of Future Past (31)

This is my Sunday post where I tell you about things that have happened in the past week and things that are going to happen this week.


SO I FINISHED MY VCE EXAMS!! I’m definitely going to miss studio, BUT YES NO MORE GEOGRAPHY FOR FOREVER!!!!!! I am actually so happy to have it out the way, which means I’ll never have to learn about where magpic geese are found and the FRICKIN DESERTIFICATION MAP (which turned out to be on a exam – at least there was a GOOD reason for learning it then).

me after the exam

me after the exam

I still have Media and English tomorrow and Tuesday, respectively, but not a huge amount of study is going into either (which is really bad, but after doing the VCE ones, it’s just like.. naaaaah). But, I have studied a bit, and I’ve written and handed in a practice language analysis to my English teacher.

But, besides that excitement of the week, there hasn’t been much else. I read only one book: Noah’s Law (Randa Abdel-Fattah) [of Does my Head Look Big in This? fame). It was confusing to begin with, but as I progressed, I started to really enjoy it, and despite myself, the mystery and intrigue dragged me in. This week, I also bought Hello from the Gillespies (Monica McInerney), which IS AWESOME so far. I love love her books and I’ve read every single one and probably own 3/4 of them (this is my 6th one I think).

I didn’t do any writing this week, but I did start Castle (the TV show). I missed binge-watching a TV show (after finishing Grey’s a few week ago), and had been watching a few random episodes of Castle, SVU and CSI to quell the feeling and I’ve sort of been meaning to watch Castle FOREVER and now that I finally got the chance, here I am. I decided it wasn’t too much of a feat (it’s only 7 seasons, and after Grey’s 11, that seems super short!) to finish in the summer holidays and maybe even start something else??


Well, the exams, of course AND THEN I’M FREE! I’m actually so excited for those two weeks before orientation because it means freedom without any homework etc. I plan to also watch ridiculous amounts of Castle, finish Gillespies, WRITE WRITE WRITE and just enjoy my sort of freedom before the slog of holiday homework and year twelve very rudely barges into my life.


I’ve also of course got the launch of This Shattered World (Amie Kaufman) at Dymmocks (in Melbourne), which I am super super squealingly excited for. I didn’t do ttt this week, as I didn’t have time/energy on the day and when I wanted to do it a few days later, I was too tired/stressed out from exams and THEN I was like, nah, I’m way too lazy (so that is the story of this weeks ttt).

Catch ya!


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