I decided I wanted to write something a bit more serious (as opposed to just discussing books etc), so here is a short piece on drinking.Comments/questions are welcomed!

Drinking. It’s the one topic that is guaranteed to start a conversation, especially as it is so ingrained in Australian culture. Along with our kangaroos, koalas, shrimps on the barbies and our catch-phrase (which no-one says??) of g’day mate, there will always a six-pack (not the abs type, unfortunately) or some stubbies to open.

I hate the fact that it’s our generation’s mentality that to have fun, we need to drink, which results in, (some of the time), parties being a slew of drunk, vomiting teenagers.

I always bristle at the topic and my immediate reaction is ‘no’. I don’t know why I have a problem with it – it could be the legality issue (as in, at my present age of 17, it’s illegal to drink); it could be my subconscious good-girl behaviour coming in, but I doubt it. I feel like so many people are hyped about this magical medicine that will result in hook-ups and enhanced emotions.

I want to laugh and dance and be happy and not be the grinch that always says ‘no [thanks]’, but. On the one hand, I want to be Christina and Meredith (from Grey’s Anatomy), drowning their shitty days at the bottom of shot glasses and complaining of a hangover the next day, but of course, on the other hand, is my own strong resolve to say no.

I feel like people I know have been drinking for forever and while it’s totally acceptable to not drink/even to never drink, there’s this cloud of sub-conscious pressure from people. They don’t say anything or make any suggestions, but as I stand there while the drinks get passed around, and everyone is happily buzzed from their drinks, I feel almost left out.

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