Number Crunch

So it’s not secret I don’t like numbers (as I’ve spent a good chunk of the year complaining about maths), but I do LOVE lists. And there’s no better way to organise something than to put it into lists that have numbers, because that means it’s doubly organised (which is exciting in itself). But, now, I present to you –


This year I read 83 books, which got me up to 811 books since I started recording them (2/03/2008). (This was compared to 40 books in 2013). There were 0 books with authors who had the name Lauren, and I acquired approximately 40 books this year (including the 20 Inky’s books). The author whose books I read the most of this year (5) was Monica McInerney and my favourite ‘picture’ book was definitely This Star Won’t Go Out (Esther Earl).

This year I watched 110 movies; 2 of them twice (The Other Woman and 22 Jump Street). 15 of them were Marvel films (I gave myself a Marvel education and (finally) watched all the X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four and Iron Man movies (among others)). I was educated by the 10 documentaries I watched and then fulfilled my (never) dream of becoming a dancer by living vicariously through the characters and watching 7 dance movies. I watched 7 animated movies (despite myself).

This year I took 6 subjects (biology, media, English, maths, geography, studio arts); two of them VCE subjects (studio arts and geography). I had 5 periods of each subject per week and had 0 free periods. I went through 2 biology books, 1 and a half math books and did 18 pages of typed studio notes (for exam revision).

This year, I added 1263 songs to my iTunes with Brave (Glee cast) being the song most listened to (17 times), followed by The Last Time (Taylor Swift feat. Gary Lightbody) with 15 times and the Skins theme song with 14 times. I have 32 albums on my ipod and 1467 songs. I have songs by 362 different artists on my iPod, with songs by an artist with every letter of the alphabet, except for X and Q.

This year has definitely had its ups and downs, but all in all, I’d definitely say it was a good year. My favourite book is either Spark (Rachael Craw) or Every Breath (Ellie Marney). Spark was a late addition to the year, but oh. my. god. Definitely love love love it and am 100% ready for the next one. Every series = a+++ and just waiting for Every Move  to hit shelves. There were HEAPS of amazing other books I’ve read this year (and also some meh ones). 

Movie wise, there were a few favourites. I LOVED the X-Men series, Galore (Australian film I recommend to everyone) and 12. I’ve just started Chicago P.D.and so far am enjoying it (and have allowed myself this because there’s not very many eps – only a season and a bit).

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