Bathroom Pixx

I’m doing a holiday art program in the city. It’s made up of about 8 groups, all with different focuses on art: fashion, drawing, street art. The one I chose is called mechatronics and it’s exactly what it sounds like: mechanical electronics. Think motors, lights, drills, saws and of course the 3D printer(s)! Our topic is theme park and for the two weeks we’re ‘required’ to make something that would fit into the theme of theme park, either conceptually or physically.


I’m thinking of doing a constantly rocking rocking horse. I haven’t finalised everything, but so far, this is what I’ve got: the motor will run a cog, which will turn another (bigger) cog mounted on a rod. This rod will have another (even bigger) cog on it, which will push the wooden arm with the Mickey Mouse hand into the horse, pushing it. I’ve soldered the wires onto the motor, printed trial cogs (note the fluorescent orange), and cut out my arm and hand and attached them.

Said Mickey Mouse hand and arm

Said Mickey Mouse hand and arm


3D printer: the making of the cog


Finished trial cogs and arm

The title of this post lends itself to the amazing bathroom there. The walls are covered in stickers and stencils and drawings and just all things amazing and I decree I am having a bathroom like this one when I am older.


Wall 3



Wall 2


Wall 1


The door into the bathroom

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