The First One

I cannot draw to save my life. If we had to draw something to ensure our life, I would lose because my dogs look like cats and my cats look like something?? BUT I am determined to get better!! (Look at that, me being all determined about drawing and shit. Let’s see how long it will last).

(Quickly off topic, but it will make sense in a second). Today, at the Signal artist talk I went to, there were these AWESOME artists (one of whom did zines/books) and other (among other things, who did bed art – pillow cases, bed sheets etc), who were cool and inspiring and I have just officially drawn my first ZINE. It is terrible and I am 100% certain I will look back on this soon and cringe (even more than I am now).

Now, I present THE FIRST ONE (23/01/2015)

Image (91)

(Excuse the weird border – it seems my ‘editing’ doesn’t work)

Image (92)

Image (93)

Image (94)

Image (95)

Image (96)

Image (97)

Image (98)

Image (99)

Image (100)
Image (101)

Image (102)

Notes to self:
1. WAY too long (maybe 6-7 pages max)
2. Needs to be more cartoony
3. Less rush (although may be to do with the number of pages).
4. Maybe smaller scale??
5. Theme or no theme?

As I said before, this is my very first zine, so the crappiness is almost required. If anyone is willing, I would love comments/questions/constructive criticism etc etc regarding a) the idea of posting zines, the actual zine or whatever! I promise the next time I post a zine, it 1) won’t be so long and 2) will hopefully be better.

Until next time,


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