Read//Watch//Listen (2)

Here’s to regularity! *raises glass of non-alcoholic drink because I’m not old enough to drink yet*. As well as being a week from when I last posted my first Read//Watch/Listen, it is also Australia Day! Happy Australia Day to my fellow Australians and may you have many lamingtons, shrimps (on the barbie), Caramellos, Golden Gaytimes and of course Vegemite (which I absolutely DETEST).


I finally read something this year! Over the weekend, I read Trouble (Non Pratt), which was pretty cute/awesome/slightly unrealistic, but I would definitely recommend it. Long story short, Hannah gets pregnant and Aaron (the new kid) offers to be stand-in-father. I also read Four: A Divergent Collection (Veronica Roth), which I loved and I really wish there was more! It made my miss the Divergent series and once I’ve started/finished the dreaded Stasiland (for school), I might re-read it. I’m currently reading Searching for Sky (Jillian Cantor), which got brilliant reviews, and so far it’s good, but nothing special.

I’ve only watched one movie in the last week and it was for school 😦 😦 It was The Lives of Others (Das Leben Der Anderen), which is a fictional-but-based-on-a-true-story about living in Germany at the time of the fall of the wall. I thought it was pretty boring, and only started enjoying it in the last 20 minutes (where coincidentally, there was a death). I also watched my regular TV shows this week – Glee and Chicago P.D. (it sadly seems Chicago Fire had a week hiatus). I am excitedly/nervously waiting the Chicago Fire/Chicago Fire crossover which comes around next week sometime – WHICH IS WHEN GREY’S ANATOMY comes back!!



Unsurprisingly, I’m still listening to slam poetry, Here are some of the more amazing ones I 100% recommend everyone to listen to: AND AND I still need to get into the whole listening-to-podcasts-regularly, because they’re pretty awesome, but the only problem is that I don’t really have a good time to listen to them, because I can’t concentrate on them and do work etc; they have to have my sole concentration and I don’t really often have times where I can just sit and listen.

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