Read//Watch//Listen (3)

Right, so I know this is (many) days late and I did warn everyone about my struggle to keep a schedule – so here I am at least keeping up with the promise of NOT keeping it regular. Here’s to that –



I am very excited to say that I have successfully read books and have not fallen into a book slump (which, last year, resulted in me not reading for the first couple months of the year). BUT, these are the books I have read since I last did one of these posts: Stasiland (Anna Funder) FINALLY, A Thousand Pieces of you (Claudia Grey) which was AMAZING, The Impossible Knife of Memory (Laurie Halse Anderson), The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl and Life in Outer Space (both Melissa Keil) – I enjoyed TIAOFCG much more than LIOS, The Protected (Claire Zorn), The Truth About Alice (Jennifer Mathieu) and I just finished Apple and Rain (Sarah Crossman).


Against my better judgement (even though I chose to do this), I started yet another TV series (whoops). In my defense, How to get away with Murder, has a) an a++ name, and, b) only has 11 episodes, which meant I could watch it in a weekend and be up to date. This, unfortunately (or not, depending on how you look at it), means that I watch about 7 shows a week (oh well, school can deal). Tonight’s episode of Castle ended on a particularly DEVASTATING (SPOILER) note as Kate was kidnapped/stabbed and pushed into the road via a wheelchair by henchmen of the Triple Killer AND THEN IT ENDED WITH A ‘TO BE CONTINUED’ WHICH IS RUDE. But I will (am forced to wait) (un) patiently for next week to come around to see the fate of Beckett (my fave). (END SPOILER).

I actually love her <3

I actually love her ❤


I am currently obsessed with this cover (originally by Sonia Dada) by Chet Faker (Lover You Don’t Treat Me No Good). It’s so catchy and the clapping part is siqq. I’ve never really listened to Chat Faker so this is pretty cool. I love hearing new songs/artists, so I 100% open to recommendations because I will mostly listen to everything (maybe not too much rap) and providing it’s not shit.

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