365 Days of Zine (1)

When I was writing my (now hiatused) book, I had an idea for another book that could be AWESOME to epic proportions. It was a pretty vague idea, and there wasn’t actually a story line in sight, but I was quite convinced it would work. I made notes here and there and then, OUT OF NOWHERE, I had another brilliant idea which could lead my supposed novel to greater things.


BUT, then in the holidays, I went to this 10 day long workshop, which (along with my actual workshop), had artist talks every lunchtime, where we could go and listen to cool and inspiring artists. There were a heap of amazing people, but on one of the days, Tai Snaith and Miso came to talk to us and they were just I want to be just like them when I’m older kind of people. I missed the beginning of the talk, but there were these zines that one of them had designed with their workshop kids and I just sort of fell in love with them (hence the terrible previous post with my first terrible zine).


And so, instead of my writing idea (which, was, at it’s latest stage, to essentially ‘live-write’ year 12), I decided to launch my 365 Days of Zine; completing a page in my zine everyday, instead of writing something, which I knew I would start to think of as a task rather than something fun definitely sooner rather than later. But, i digress.

Here I am, 31 days in, and I am proud to say these things:
1. I have not missed a day :)))))
2. I am still enjoying myself doing it
3. I have been experimenting with drawing/water colours and different ways to combine materials

In a (good) way, I’m forcing myself to do art everyday, even if it’s just a 5 minute drawing. So, now, I present to you (people of the internet), some of my better entries from my zine:

DAY 1:

DAY 14:


DAY 16:


DAY 27:


DAY 30:


DAY 31:


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