Goodbye Glee

After 121 episodes, 6 seasons 1 movie and countless cast changes, Glee has aired it’s last ever episode.


I remember the hundreds of ads that graced our TV screen months and months before the show even started advertising this brilliant new musical show that centred around a group of misfit kids who found their place in a high school Glee club. The most commonly played ad was the one where Rachel, dressed in a weirdly-patterned shirt and top, gets a red slushie thrown on her by Puck.


So, cheers to one of the most wonderful, happy, true, hilarious and educational shows out there; here’s to the the very first day of Glee club; to Rachel Berry’s gold star; to the original members of Glee Club: Rachel, Finn, Artie, Mercedes and Kurt; to the ‘jocks’ who joined: Finn and Puck; and to the rest of the original New Directions: Mike, Blaine, Brittany, Santana and Quinn.

Cheers to Sue’s endless array of tracksuits (even the wedding tracksuit!!); to the Glee Club ‘lessons’; to Miss. Holly Holliday; to Unique; to Don’t Stop Believing (the (un) official anthem of Glee); to Cory Monteith (RIP); to Emma Pilsbury; to Principal Figgins; to Brad (the piano player); to Vocal Adrenaline (who made competitions fun); to Jesse St James, who was evil, then good, then evil, then good (and then married, of course); to the weddings; and to the weddings that didn’t make it; to the Purple Piano; to the other members of the New Directions: Matt, Lauren, Rory, Sugar, Marley, Jake, Ryder, Unique, Roderick, Jane, Mason, Madison, Kitty, Spencer, Myron, Allister and The Warblers.


Thank-you to The Warblers (without you, we wouldn’t have had Blaine, and therefore Klaine). Thank-you to Rachel’s transition from cute/weirdly dressed sophomore, to sophisticated/hot New Yorker; here’s to Kurt’s wacky suits and amazing dress sense; to Mercedes’ hair transition; to Sugar’s ear-screeching singing; to the Treble Tones; to the time when Dean Geyer was on the show (Brody); to NYADA and Carmen Tibideaux; to Bryan Ryan (Neil-Patrick Harris) and the time that he out-sung Will Schuster.

Cheers to Coach Shannon/Sheldon Beiste; to Becky Jackson; to Sue’s wonderful/scary plethora of practical jokes; to the trophies in the Choir Room; to Tina’s stutter; to the two episodes that Artie walked; to the Brittany/Brittney episode; to Santana being mostly a bitch, but also sometimes not; to William Schuster for being the best damn Glee Club teacher ever. Here’s to Trouty Mouth, My Headband, Hell to the No, Get It Right, Loser Like Me, My Cup and the other original songs written and performed by Glee; to the Glee costumes; to budget cuts; to Mr. Schuster getting principal; to 2009; to the 700 odd songs that Glee  has covered/sung, and finally to Brad Falchuck, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan for writing one of the greatest shows to ever grace TV.


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2 Responses to Goodbye Glee

  1. Cait says:

    Wow! Mixed feelings when a show ends right?! I’ve never watched any Glee, but it sounds like it was quite epic and 6 seasons is pretty awesome and huge!! I really loved Leverage though I wasn’t watching it while it was airing and it only got up to 5 seasons. SO SAD WHEN A GOOD THING ENDS.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    • Yes!! On one hand it’s so sad, because you’ve almost grown up with the cast, especially with a show like Glee because I am a similar age, but also, some shows just feel like they should end. Like it’s time to say goodbye, and that the characters have reached their end. 6 is definitely a lot, but when Grey’s Anatomy ends, it’s gonna be even sadder, because it’s (currently) 11 seasons!! Thanks for commenting :))

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