Life update

It’s been a long time. So hello (again). I’ve been super lazy/busy (depending on how you look at it), so my blog has been sent to the backburner, but it’s now at the front burner (???) again.

In the just-over-a-month I’ve been away, I’ve been pretty busy –
1. I went on holiday to Cape Town, South Africa to visit my family


Sunset at my uncle’s farm


My sister and I climbed Table Mountain :))) (I’m the one with the ironic Uluru shirt)


The pigs fighting over a piece of matzah (irony)

Dassie (they're like small wombats)

Dassie (they’re like small wombats)

Me with the penguins

Me with the penguins

Penguin @ Boulders

Penguin @ Boulders

My whole family went (my parents, myself and my two sisters) and it was a brilliant 3 weeks!! If you ever go to South Africa, I recommend going to Cape Town because it is beautiful and there’s a million things to do and ugh, I really really want to go back!!

I missed a week of school when I went, so I’ve been madly trying to catch up with school work/friends/assessments/family stuff and just life in general. It’s all been a bit overwhelming, especially coming back to tests that had to be pushed because I was away, but the weekend (just the one passed) was jam-packed with me working my butt off, so I got most of my stuff done.


DEMI <3 (my phone has approximately 0 pixels)


Brittany + Me @ Demi!!!!!!!

Brittany + Me @ Demi!!!!!!!

She’s awesome/she did an Australian accent (using Ja’ime as reference) and it was hilarious/adorable/I REALLY WANNA SEE HER AGAIN :))))))

3. I didn’t read an awful lot when I was away because I was too busy with family/exploring more of Cape Town, but I managed to read four books:
– A Small Madness (Dianne Touchell) – way better than I thought it would be/everyone should read it,
– The Book Thief (Markus Zusak) – finally – AMAZING/Markus Zusak’s writing is aspirational/everyone needs to read this,
– How it Feels (brendan Cowell) – I loved this because it was super relevant and relateable and everyone between the ages of 16-27 should definitely read it and lastly,
– What I Thought Was True (Huntley Fitzpatrick), super cute, a little bit predictable (but hey, I guess that’s what you get when you read contemp romances).

4. I also got a fringe (I never really know how to say it, because saying that I ‘got’ one sounds like I just received it in the mail or something). Due to the curly nature of my hair, I have to straighten my fringe every day, and we’ll see how quickly I get bored with that.

This is me with my fringe and my hair straightened (usually it's more poodle-esque)

This is me with my fringe and my hair straightened (usually it’s more poodle-esque)

5. At the moment, my life pretty much revolves around school/there’s a couple of parties/GREY’S ANATOMY (SHONA, PLS?!!?!!?), the other TV shows that I watch/wasting time (I’m pretty good at this one).

6. I am STILL drawing/writing/completing my zine every day, and when I have some time, I’ll upload some more of my entries :)))

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