Hank’s New Year Survey

Every couple of years, I attempt to get through the Vlogbrother’s entire video set – starting from when they made their first video to the current day. I have attempted this multiple times, but I think the furthest I ever got was to the end of January – a very very poor effort. But, I’m the kind of person who will watch like 7 episodes of a show in one sitting, and then won’t watch for a week because I’m bored of it. This is what happened when I watched approximately 27 videos over two or three days.



But on his January 19th Vlogbrother video, Hank posted his annual New Year’s Survey, wherein after watching it, I made a note to “do Hank’s survey in a blogpost!!!”. So after about 2 years of that note sitting there, here is my completed survey:

1. How long have you known Hank and Katherine?
Personally – zero years. I have never met them in person or through the interwebs, but I could say I “know” Hank to a certain degree from his videos.
2. What do you want from us?
Nothing really – but I would like Hank to keep doing his videos and to Katherine to keep on keepin’ on.
3. What are you doing? Please be as specific as possible.
Typing up this blog post, whilst listening to Sleeping at Last’s cover of Chasing Cars
4. How long will you be doing it?
Until I’ve finished writing the post and added an appropriate amount of gifs – maybe another 20 or so minutes.

5. What do you want to be doing?
If I had the motivation, I would like to be cleaning my room because it’s an absolute mess, but I can’t be bothered (and I’m still hoping it’ll clean itself one day). I would also like to drawing and writing something, but I am currently experiencing writer’s/drawers block for both of them.

6. What’s next in your life?
Oh yes, the dreaded year 12 question – and my vague, yet relatively satisfying answer that mostly satisfies adults who ask: “I’m not sure yet, maybe a communication design course, but I’m probably going to take a gap year off to earn money and travel”

7. How you doing?
I’m pretty good, thanks!

8. What’s the best book you’ve read this year?
Okay, so I’m going to cheat a lil bit, because I hate answering this question with one answer:
1. My favourite stand-a-lone YA book: Spark, which I officially read for the first time on the 31st of December last year, but actually re-read it 2 days ago, so it still counts
2. My favourite conclusion/series: Every Move, which was beautiful/loved the ending, but damn, I am going to miss Rachel and Mycroft </3
3. My favourite YA/adult-ish book (I don’t know what it actually falls under, but I needed a category for this book): How it feels (Brendan Cowell), which accurately described young adult life so perfectly, I just wanted to hug the book for forever. 

9. Describe a perfect day
To be annoying and vague: I wake up not tired, achieve great things, pat some dogs, see my friends, write some things, read a book, and go to sleep satisfied.

10. Assuming that all things come to an end, how will humans end?
Oh the inevitability of the human race… but good question! Hopefully I won’t be around for this, because it’ll just be sad and depressing, but maybe there’ll be some sort of natural disaster, like the kind that killed all the dinosaurs

11. How do you feel about kids these days?
I’m pretty sure this is aimed towards those who are thinking of having children, but ignoring this, and just taking the question at face value: kids are mostly cute, but sometimes they’re annoying and should stay with their parents.

12. In this space, make up your own question and answer it
– Currently, what is your favourite word?

13. Ambruzza tastes better than anything else. What does ambruzza taste like?
I have no idea what this is, and I don’t know what the correct word even is, because Google rejected various forms of it, but I found one that is talking about food from a certain region, and for this question, I will answer: creamy.

14. If you were a cliché, what would you be?
You’re your own harshest critic

15. What’s your least favourite part of any given day?
Good question – maybe the time between school ending and dinner time – or to be more specific, the time between finishing/pretending to finish homework and dinner time.

16. Do you enjoy science fiction?
Yes (mostly)

17. Cheese or chocolate?
Chocolate. But I definitely wouldn’t turn down a good cheese.
18. Where would you live, if you could anywhere?
If I were to answer this question in 2 years, I would answer very differently, because the aim is to have travelled far and wide by then, but so far, since I’ve only lived in Cape Town and Melbourne, I pick Melbourne.

19. What was your first concert?
ONE DIRECTION, 2012 at their first ever Melbourne concert. I was OBSESSED with them then and I loved loved their concert, and when Zayn left, my 14 year old self was NOT HAPPY.

20. If you could start a business that could be instantly successful, what would it be?
The business… of me being an author. (This definitely counts).
21. Invisibility or time travel?
Invisibility 100%. Why would you not want to travel places unbeknownst to anyone (also: I don’t think I’ve even used unbeknownst in a sentence before, so that was fun).

22. What’s wrong with the world?
People forcing their own beliefs on others.
23. Can I put this survey on my webpage?
Sure, even though I’ve approximately 6 years late.

I love love answering questions, so if you have anything to ask, feel free to chuck it in the comments

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