rip vce||finishing year 12

I have officially, as by MCK, finished all year 12 classes/finished high school. (I mean, there’s still the assembly and valedictory, to confirm, yes, we have finished), but for all intents and purposes, I am done.

It doesn’t feel real yet, because of everything mentioned above, and even after all the celebrations, I still have exams, so nothing is officially done (by my standards) until the examiner yells “pens down” on my last exam. Til then, it’s (semi) school time!

But, since I have spent approximately 40 weeks of every year for the past 6 years at this place, let’s cheers to it:

Here’s to year 7, which was difficult because I wasn’t very social and it was very big and I didn’t know how to find my place in it. The year 7 centre was new and our year level was absolutely feral. Year 8 is a total blur – what significant even happened in this year (it feels like it would’ve just felt like another year 7, because I pretty much have no recollection of any other events).

Year 9 was the first good year with friends and bytes and probably one of the worst (but also best) classes. There was Duke and I think we may’ve lost a few this year to select schools and expulsion. Here’s to year 10, which was better: Kempy and Central and doing my first 1/2 subject and probably thinking it was stressful (and taking it way too seriously). Thanks to year 10 me for not wanting to pick another elective, and so I chose 3D in hopes it wasn’t as bad as the year before – and to date, it’s one of the best high school decisions I’ve ever made (including dropping cello, french and doing studio as a 3/4).

Year 11 seems like just yesterday – studio and geography and everyone becoming closer and just waiting for year 12 and waiting to finish. Tassie was fun (but I am never going on a boat again). Here’s to not doing maths for a bit (best time ever <3), and then to doing 6 subjects with two 3/4s and no free periods.

Finally, to year 12, definitely the best and worst year. There’s been tears and laughs and fights and friendships and drama and movies being made and education (finally, right!?) and moving groups and being in year 12 and the stress breaking mostly everyone and the (mostly) wonderful, dedicated teachers and the lunctimes and going to the park and dealing with the balls in the year 12 centre, the shitty lockers, meeting new people, parties, losing my alcohol virginity (and alcohol buying virginity). Here’s to Felms and Huddo and form assemblies and the ragers and the year level with both the dumbest and the smartest people in it. Here’s to expulsions just before exams (VCAL) and to our badges and dress up day and (not) signing in and being the oldest in the school and to ending high school with the biggest bunch of weirdos and crazies that has ever gathered in one building together.

To the class of 2k15: thankyou for yourselves. It’s been an insane journey over the past 6 years: we’ve lost some, we’ve gained some, but overall, we have puberty to thank for making us grow (and some become hotter) into the very off-centre, very incredible “cohesive unit” we have become. Thanks for some of the raddest memories that could’ve come out of highschool and for the friendships and for the people who have out up with my sarcasm (you deserve a prize). It’s been groovy xxxx

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