the life and times of me

Now that school’s out (or that school has been out for a couple of months), I’ve had to keep myself busy in other ways than crying over maths work or watching The Hunger Games for the fourth time this year.

I thought I would quickly grow bored of the non-routine and sort of wish that school was bad (or at least some sort of pattern to my life). Instead, I have managed (both to my parent’s and my surprise) to keep quite busy (although I don’t really ever know what the day is).

Mainly I’ve been watching way too many episodes of House, M.D. which is very brilliant because House himself is very sarcastic/rude/witty/mean and it’s amazingly entertaining. My other TV shows are on hiatus until term starts, so I’ve been unhindered in my watching of House. To give you some perspective, in 20 days, I’ve watched 70, 42 minute episodes (and since I only just worked that out, I’m a bit shocked/quite proud of myself. Surely this is a new record).

house unlike.gif

I haven’t been reading that much – because of the all consuming House – but at the moment, I’m reading/sort of reading a book called The Sports Gene by David Epstein, which is about what makes the perfect athlete. I can’t remember the last time I read a non-fiction book, and am struggling a bit to be motivated by it, but it’s very interesting (when I finally get into it).

Other than that, I’ve also been looking (without any results so far), for jobs, as I am an unemployed hopeful traveler. Applying for jobs is super depressing because it’s just over and over again with no replies. Unfortunately, I have to get a sitting job (admin, reception), because I have a foot problem that means I cant stand for long periods of time.

Also, I remember that I wrote down somewhere – but I can’t for the life of me remember where – that a goal for this year was to at least start writing my novel – and even though I’ve changed my novel idea, I HAVE STARTED WRITING SOMETHING. I am a terrible decision maker, and often don’t stick to plans (procrastination station is my home), but so far, it seems like it has potential (unlike my first almost-novel that ended halfway between the second to last plot point and the ending, because I couldn’t think of a joining plot-point). But, here’s to 2016: the year of my novel.

cheers cjs.gif

Of course, Happy Christmas/Chanukah (yes, I know they’re both finished) to you Internet people and I hope that you got the presents you wanted/your families weren’t that terrible/you survived the piles of food and your bank accounts weren’t too empty from the presents you purchased.

My plan is to post a Number Crunch post on the 31st of December, but since I never stick to what a say, I’m just going to leave this here as just that: something with potential that might happen.




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