hello it’s me (growing up)

Hello yes I still own this blog and even think about writing posts for it (by Fall Out Boy).

I’ve been working five days a week and I had my first ever job interview and it’s becoming harder to make time for things. I miss the routine of school (kinda) but I also love the freedom that comes without it.

I’m obsessed with Youth (Troye Sivan) and I’m trying (once again) to grow a cactus (the last one I killed). I need new clothes but don’t feel like shopping and the weather’s getting hotter.

The Internet is my pathway to success because, really, that’s all you need these days. I get less stressed nowadays but I’m still the same messy person. I’m itching to travel now but unfortunately nothing is free (or cheap) so work will have to do for now.

I finally found my Up All Night (One Direction) CD I thought I’d lost and I just got an air-conditioner installed in my room. It’s hard to think about the future (or the past for that matter) when my mind is busy (doing what, I’m not sure all the time).

I’m impatiently waiting for the return of Shondaland (Grey’s, HTGAWN) and when is Bones even coming back?? I’m not reading anything but I’m going to start reading Beck Nicholas’ What I Saw (which I won, thanks to HarlequinTEEN Australia)

I’m planning on cleaning my desk, making a phone call (tomorrow evening), hanging up my pictures, scrolling endlessly through Dogspotting (the only essential page on Facebook), starting/writing my book and looking at things online I’m not going to buy.

I love getting mail (especially packages) and I’m thinking of buying Scrivener.


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3 Responses to hello it’s me (growing up)

  1. OMG! Congrats on your first interview! I’m sure you did fine❤️❤️

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