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Well the last time I posted one of these was February 10th 2015, so yes, it’s been a while. But at least I’m consistent at being inconsistent, aka skills to not put on your resume.


I am slowly (emphasised) working my way through the 2016 Inky Awards List. (Apparently I am technologically challenged and it’s late at night and I don’t know how to flip the pictures what with the new(er) update on WordPress, but it’s still legible so I think it’s okay).

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Last year I only read 9/20 (and the year before that was my judge year, so I read them all). But this year I have more time, so I’m determined to read all (or most) of them. After re-reading Green Valentine* (which is my current read), I will be reading Carousel and then Inbetween Days. I’m also pretty excited for Zeroes and The Flywheel.


For *some* reason, Chicago Fire/Med are on hiatus this week?? The Chicagos keep disappearing for a few weeks and then reappearing like they haven’t done anything wrong. Like hello?? But I started and finished Shadowhunters recently (which was fun, close to the books in terms of the major events, but some of the characters were SO annoying). I’ve also been meaning to finish House for forever (I’m stuck at the beginning of the 8th season and I am bored, but I’m not allowing myself to start anything new until I finish House). BUT BONES IS BACK TOMORROW AFTER ITS EXTREMELY LONG HIATUS AND BBY HODGINS <333 But I’m excited for it and interested to see how everything goes down after the mid-season finale (and also this is the final stretch for Bones so that’s sad).

yes hodgins


Song-wise I am midly very obsessed with Coldplay x Beyonce’s song Hymn for the Weekend (and I’m also liking Sia’s Cheap Thrills).

BUT, if you don’t follow me on Twitter (where I tweet about books, my life and tv shows, aka I live tweet Greys), you won’t know about the COOL and AWESOME thing my friend Diem created. Basically, Diem came up with the idea to make a book-related podcast – and right about now, we’re covering/reviewing the Inky books.

There’s been two released so far: Cloudwish – Fiona Wood (with Jennifer and Diem), and I’ll Give You The Sun – Jandy Nelson (with ME and Diem). There are SPOILERS IN THE PODCASTS, so only listen after you’ve read the book (or if don’t feel like reading it, but I do recommend reading them first). We’re also on iTunes and Soundcloud (where we’re moving from) so give us a listen and/or a comment. For updates and to listen to the next podcast, check our blog: bookishfriends.

*But the podcast is the reason I’m rereading Green Valentine because I need a refresher course for when I talk about it because it’s been a while.

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