Castle (2009)||Goodbye


I started Castle (2009) in November 2014. As of Tuesday 17th May (Australian time), the last ever original Castle episode was aired (and live-tweeted by me).

It’s been a rollercoaster of ups, downs, deaths, shootings, hilarity, great relationships, not-so-good relationships, a stellar cast, and not much writing done as you’d think since Castle is supposedly a prolific and very skilled writer.

castle you should be writing.gif


But here’s to the main characters – those who have been there from the very start: Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Espo.

To Castle‘s crazy – but usually correct(ish) – conspiracy theories and his love for Kate Beckett. To his curiosity and his ability to think way outside the square; to his protectiveness over Martha and Alexis and Hailey. To Castle’s persistence re: Kate and his ‘Writer’ ballistic vest*

To Ryan and Espo‘s loyalty and dedication to their jobs. For their jokes and their interrogation skills and none of them ever did get sergeant. For that, I am glad because they didn’t get separated.

To Beckett‘s skill and intelligence and persistence and strength to continue through her mother’s murder – and after it; and when Castle disappeared. To Kate for surviving the shooting and for going to Castle, for trusting in him; and for her love for others.

Thank you to Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas for becoming their characters.

castle n beckett.gif

To the rest of the main cast – the show wouldn’t have been the same without you: Alexis and Martha (and your protectiveness over Richard), Roy Montgomery (even though you ultimately screwed up, you saved Kate Beckett so thank you for that), Captain Gates (you were one scary lady, but you did well and didn’t deserve what came to you), Hailey (for looking after Alexis and Martha and being her rad, kickass self), Perlmutter (your hatred for Castle was always amusing), Lanie (thank you for being Beckett’s friend and I always did like you and Espo together), and Vikrum.

To the (main) villains of the series: The 3XK (Triple Killer), Senator William Bracken and LokSat (Mason you asshole). To the rest of the villains and the actors that portrayed them: you did an excellent excellent job.

ryan, espo, castle.gif

Thank you to Andrew W. Marlowe for creating a brilliant TV show with 3D characters and original concepts. To ABC Studios and Beacon Pictures for jointly producing Castle.

Although it ended abruptly, I think it was the right move. There is no Castle without Stana Katic (and to a lesser degree,Tamala Jones (Lanie), because what about Lanie and Javi??), and thank you THANK YOU for not killing Beckett, and killing Castle (or KILLING THEM BOTH like I thought was the case), but for letting them survive and live the happy life (with 3 children!!!), like they always deserved, free from murder and serial killers and kidnappers.

castle big face.gif



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