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I am currently reading Holier Than Thou (Laura Buzo). I think I’m enjoying it, but so far, there’s nothing that’s especially grabbed me or made me want to race to the end. I very rarely DNF books, so I will finish it, but s l o w l y. The other day I made a detour to the library (where I was gonna borrow 1 book), but came back with 8 and there’s some I’m very excited about, i.e. Summer Skin (Kristy Eager) and Clancy of the Undertow (Christopher Currie) because #Inkys2016 and also On the Jellicoe Road (Melina Marchetta) because I don’t think I’ve read a MM book before??

belle n books.gif

Super appropriate because I watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time yesterday!!! (I had only read the book previously)


I am very invested in Private Practice at the moment. I thought there were only 3 seasons BUT THERE ARE 6, which is very exciting because it means more Addison and Pete and Cooper and Charlotte and Oceanside Wellness. I just finished s3 (and THAT ending with THAT death was pure Shonda and I was not happy jan). All my US shows are finished – of course with the classic in between season cliffhanger – which will (or not) be resolved next season. I’m going away in July for a few months, so it means I miss everything when it comes back which is sad but overseas > tv shows (but I am determined not to see any spoilers). I still haven’t watched the end of House which is sad and I do want to, but I cannot motivate myself to do it.


Addison is basically the best person


I am midly majorly obsessed with the song Wild Things (Alessia Cara), which I discovered on my iPod 2 days ago and it’s all I’ve been listening to. Favourite lines include: “rebel rousers” and “they’re pious here, but you and I we’re pioneers“. It’s got a rad beat and all I wanna do is dance when I hear it.

dance krump.gif

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