Kickass Queens

*There are spoilers in here for: CastleGrey’s Anatomy, Juno*

Kickass Queens: rad ladies (fictional or non-fictional) from literature, movies, tv shows, politics, media, education, sports or elsewhere that slay at their jobs and lives and basically inspire me. 

yas queen.gif

(In no particular order) presenting my Kickass Queens of 2016:

1. Kate Beckett: friends and family, Katherine Beckett, (eventual) captain of the 12th precinct, is a very strong (physical and mental) lady. She worked through her mother’s death, loved Castle, shot at people, survived being shot at and runs in heels (no mean feat).

2. Liv Benson deals with rapists, murderers and pedophiles all day erry day and she manages to get through it all. She’s no afraid to express her opinions and strive for what she wants. #Ladiesinpower

3. Amelia Sheppard is my current grey’s love. She has dealt with drugs, addiction, death, her (shitty) brother, bad friends, her own self and has shown me that it’s okay to not to be okay all the time and that you will have terrible days but then there’s days with Owen and the puppies.

4. Bones is a hilarious, brilliant and whip-cracking lady. She knows all there is to know about forensic anthropology (she is the best on her field after all), and doesn’t let the small stuff let her down. She loves fiercely and is very certain of herself.

bones idkwtm.gif

5. Cristina Yang you hilarious, sarcastic, very good friend to Mer, you are missed.

6. Earlier season Meredith and Callie. You two were strong, strong ladies that could go through 27 emotions in one day and knew that life could be brutal. You were persistent in your lives (love and otherwise), and you jobs. #Bringthemback

7. Lexie Grey you queen. You were brilliant and kind and Slexie was 12/10. You were forgiving and clever and a bright light.

8. Rae Earl is the ultimate survivor – from herself, her family, her friends. She worked through her mental illness messily, but (eventually) allowed support and love into her life.

fyes rae earl.gif

9. Angela Montenegro is a rad person. She arts AND sciences and is Bones’ best friend. She is patient, but also knows when to stand up for herself. She always looks beautiful and kicks ass at her job.

10. Addison Montgomery has her flaws, but she is the very best experiencer of human emotion. She laughs and cries and dances in every episode and tries her very best in everything she does: friendships, relationships and her job.

10. Tavi Gevinson created, a versatile and resourceful website for teenagers. She is young, successful, (did a TED talk), journals extensively, has met Taylor Swift and is keen on working out who she is. P.s. she also spoke at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival in 2013 (which I missed and was sad about).

11. Ellen Page. Her coming out speech was beautiful, and srsly, have you seen Juno?? That movie is film gold and it will basically never get old that she phoned her friend ON A BURGER PHONE to tell her that she was up the duff.

juno yes (on burger phone).gif

12. Emma Watson portrayed HERMIONE so she is automatically in this list because Hermione is ace BUT her post hp work has been equally impressive. Emma Watson’s #HeForShe campaign speech when she was the  UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in 2014 was both incredibly well-written and a very persuasive call to action.

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