At the point, I have been travelling for 20 days (3 weeks tomorrow!) It definitely feels much longer than that, especially as I am unused to being away from home for so long.

The rundown: 

I am travelling for 4 months with my friend, A. We had 2 weeks in Israel, and have just started our 3 month Europe leg. After Europe is the UK and then Abu Dhabi (and then home!!!)

So far: 

Israel was amazing and my first look into countries this side of the world. Granted, it’s not apart of Europe, so not a true representation of the bulk of my trip but a new experience all the same. 

I was on a program for most of my Israel trip which I think was the best way to do it. I saw almost everything – from the Dead Sea, to sunrise on Masada to Cesarea and staying in a Bedouin Tent and riding camels and staying in a kibbutz. Post program, I also stayed on a kibbutz – this one a dairy one, and I got to see baby cows (and be slobbered on by them!) 

Our group in front of the Western Wall

Camel riding at the Bedouin Tents (with a soldier)

When my friend and I went to the wrong station post tour on the way to the dairy kibbutz

BABY COW at kibbutz

I am currently in Venice and before this, I was in Munich (unfortunately during the shooting). 

Munich was  much greener than I thought it would be – and also very different from the very varied landscapes in Israel. We went to Neuschwanstein Castle which was quite stunning (on the way back, we were on the train when we heard about the shooting, and after about an hour and a half we were dropped off at another station and we waited for just over two hours – in the dark and rain – to find a taxi. Was very happy to be back at the hostel!!). 

Rolling hills around the castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Venice is beautiful! I have been onto the main island twice – and I also went to the beach. It’s hot here, but not too hot (like in Israel, I think it went above 40c at some stages. Sweatville 101). 

I have been wanting to go to Venice since I was very young so it was a very exciting moment for me. It’s just like the films and the books (although I got so damn lost). 


On my way to the beach via vaporetto

Lido Beach

If anyone would like to live vicariously through me (and get away from uni/work/life for a lil), whilst I navigate my first time overseas without parents, then on all social medias, ie instagram and twitter, I am using the hashtag #lozgeuro (edit: on both of these social medias, I am laurentheberger)

In theory, I will post more posts here, but it all depends on time, WiFi and my drive.

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