Travel Update #2

The last time I posted, I was partaway through my Venice leg. Since then, we have left Venice, done Rome and are now in Siena. 

Post Travel Update #1, my friend and I went to Murano and Burano, two islands close to the mainland of Venice. Murano is known for their glass and Burano is known for the colourful houses and Burano lace. 

(I have two pictures of the glass because you’re not actually allows to take any, and they both don’t seem to want to upload.)


We also went for breakfast at Patisserie Tonolo (on recommendation from my aunt and cousin), which has the best pastries in Venice! Also on their (great) rec, we went to Bigoi, which is this tiny place that sells €5 homemade takeaway pasta. So SO good (the duck is better than the pesto imo).

Some of the pastries we had for breakfast

More pastries at Patisserie Tonolo

I also went to St. Mark’s Basillica while I was there and this incredible/old/musty/the best kind of bookshop (also a rec) – Aqus Alta (which took us forever to find!)

Me at bookshop (all good pics of the bookshop are on my camera)

St Mark’s

We also made our own Magnums which were v v good!!

DIY (sorta) Magnum

Even did some drawing in Venice!!

Next stop: ROME aka the extremely long bus ride. 

Outside of Basillica

The day after we arrived was a Sunday – the last of the month – so the Vatican museum is free. Like gr8 and enthusiastic tourists, we rocked up early (about 9am), and the line was insane!!! At least 1km and nopeville for us. Instead we queued in another line (unsure of destination) and went into a beautiful Basillica (later found out it was Saint Peter’s). Post Basillica, we walked around the Vatican City and then decided to line up again. Only waited for half an hour and got into see the Sistene Chapel, some incredible tapestries and intricately detailed ceiling paintings.

Beautiful ceiling on the way to the chapel

Sneaky Sistene pic

Next day, we went to the Trevi Fountain which was way better than I thought it was gonna be; and the Pantheon which was not as good as I thought it was gonna be. 


Inside the Pantheon

Also had the best gelato to date at a place called Venchi. 

The v good gelato

Day 3, we did as all tourists do and visited the Colosseum and the Roman Forum (and Palatine Hill). These were incredible and so overwhelmingly massive (even in their destroyed state) and very magnificent. 

Inside of the Colosseum (and me!)

Almost looks Photoshopped (promise it’s not!!)

Roman Forum/ruins from Palatine Hill

Painting on the wall of Santa Maria Antiqua

Last day, we went out for breakfast for pastries (when in Rome right), and visited Circo Massimo (which was either the large patch of grass or closed for visiting, we couldn’t tell); and the Spanish Steps were being renovated. Instead we walked around Spagna and I had a granita (lemon and watermelon). 

Part of breakfast (I even had coffee – which I don’t drink) (but when in Rome amiright)

Grass/Circo Massimo

Granita and I

“Draw me like one of your French (Roman) girls”

Today, we missed the Busabout Bus (peak hour train we couldn’t fit on, and then we missed the public bus and then we were 20 minutes late and they’d left), so we made our way to Siena via public transport (bit stressful, highly annoying, easy enough and quite inconvenient).but we made it. 

Cute hostel (included breakfast, which is always rad); and Siena itself (or what we’ve seen of it), looks very lovely and quiet in the way we need after Rome.

Until Florence! (Or Cinque Terra!)

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