Travel Update: an ode to Italy

If you’ve been keeping up with my travels (laurentheberger with the hash tag #lozgeuro on Twitter and Insta//our new joint account: lozashtravels) and I’ve been posting updates on here too (#1#2 and #3), you may’ve noticed that most of the South Loop (the loop we’re doing), is in Italy. 

Cities so far (Italy in bold): Munich, Venice, Rome, Siena, Florence, Cinque Terre, Nice, Lake Como (Milan).

Now that we’ve left Italy (not forever but for this trip at least), I wrote a silly little poem reminding me of the things I did in Italy. 

So many duomos, so much pasta,
So many people – a lot of cluster. 
Italy, my dear, you’ve been a hoot,
I’ve made some memories in your boot.

Venice was first, my, what a sight – 
Of bridges, canals and dreams come true;
Of glass and lace and incredible views. 

Rome, then Siena, next on our trip;
The Pantheon and Trevi (and spa for a dip).
Last Sunday of the month was free,
Time was spent, no fee.
Peter’s Basilica was a beautiful scene,
Taspestries and statues and the Sistene. 
The Colosseum was insane – oh how we posed, 
We explored Spagna as the steps were closed.

We finally arrived at our hostel two hours (and no WiFi) later;
Next, we walked to the town for one of our best meals to date:
Bruschetta, fresh veggies, quail eggs, cheese and wine – 
The real country Italian way to dine. 

We did David (after a three hour queue),
Very incredible, well worth the view.
Saw Pisa for our last Florence hours,
So many photos of us ‘holding’ the tower.

Dropped at La Spezia for our ‘five town’ stop:
Cinque Terre of stunning views, ‘beaches’ and touristy shops. 
Walked from Monterosso to Vernazza – town number four,
And went via number three, Corniglia, to explore. 

For our last stop in Italy, we missed the bus and went by train – 
Meeting an American woman who was a bit insane. 
To Milan (where I stayed) was another Duomo,
But I also visited (and ate in) the pretty Lake Como.
There were mishaps and tears due to train mistakes,
But I eventually made it to see the lake. 

Italy, it’s been a ride,
I’ve been happy, excited, joyous and I’ve cried. 
Thank you for your abundant carb-filled food,
May I be back soon, very ready for round two!

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