Travel Update #4

Hello! If you haven’t been following my journey, here are the links to the other posts (#1#2#3 and I wrote a poem about all the places I stayed in Itay). 

When I left you last I was one day/night into my Nice stay. 


Nice has an awesome and very lively nightlife! I think I walked around every night, just taking photos, eating food and watching the people go by. 

In Messena Sqaure (main square in Nice), they have ‘The Light Men’: 7 lit up sculptures on tall poles, each facing a way of a continent. They constantly change colours and are quite hard to get a photo of as a whole because my phone does not react to light very well. 

They weren’t labelled for each continent, but we figured Australia was the one facing away from all the others.

Light Man

To the left of Lessens Sqaure, there is a ‘mirror lake’ – large concrete area, where different coloured (in the colours of the French flag), shoots of water spray in different patterns and at different rates. 

Me at the Light Mirror

The day next day was ‘art n culture’ day and I took myself to two art galleries: Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse. 

I loved LOVED Chagall’s gallery – it was very well presented, and the paintings were quite incredible: so colourful and detailed, yet simple in some parts. It was also so nice to see some Jewish paintings and artworks instead of the constant viewing of renaissance artworks. I also got to see two of the famous stained glass windows.

I even bought myself a miniature version of one of Chagall’s paintings!

Two of the stained glass windows

Adam and Eve being chased out of the Garden of Eden

King David and Bathsheba (this is a big version of my mini one)

The Henri Matisse gallery was quite good, although his style of artwork isn’t one of my favourites. There were ‘no photos allowed’ but of course I managed to get some sneaky phone photos (of course, no flash). 

Matisse painting #1

I like his simple like drawings

That night marked one month (and one day) since the terrible Bastille Day shootings in Nice. I went down to the beachfront to look at the memorial. 

Although I couldn’t read most of the notes, I found the display quite beautiful and very sad. The thing that struck me the most was the sheer number of soft toys – a tribute to the sheer number of children who lost their lives. 

May they all rest in peace. 

The next morning, my friend and I went rollerblading along the promenade!! It’s been a while and I was going pretty well until right at the very end when I was crossing the road and went over those collection of circles and stacked it on the raid in a very embarrassing, slow motion fall. I was fine (my dignity dented), and my drink bottle rolled across the road. 

That day we took ourselves to Monaco/Monte Carlo. We went inside the Monte Carlo, took photos of the pretty inside and then went to Cafe Paris to gamble because I was not paying £10 just to move from the foyer to the next room. 

Outside of the Monte Carlo

We (cluelessly) gambled for the first time in Cafe Paris and it was quite fun, pretending to know what we were doing (but basically just pressing buttons). 

‘No photos allowed’ but we are becoming quite skilled at the sneaky photos


The next morning, we went to a fruit, veg and flower market – where I bought a container of pineapple pieces. 

On the way to the bus stop, we found another memorial (this one much bigger) for the 88 people who died in the July 14 Bastille Day attack. Once it again, the sheer number of notes, posters, soft toys and size of it was quite incredible.

We hopped on a bus to Cannes, which we thought would take 40 minutes )but we’re informed by a Belge friend we made on the bus that it’s a 2 hour ride). 

Two hours later, we found out I am hand twins with Julie Andrews!


I also posed on the red carpet (for a film nomination) and went to an exhibition that had lots of films sets, a room of artworks and lots of behind the scenes photos of the Cannes film festival. 

Girls on film

We saw an incredible Gollum cake at a very expensive bakery we did not purchase anything at. 

We missed the bus to our next stop because A thought it was later than it actually was. We got the train where we met a slightly insane (very talkative) American woman. She told us all about her life plans, thrift shopping and the fact that she sews pockets in all her clothes.

Tripo chocolate mousse/cake as a pre-Nice departure gift to ourselves

From Nice, the bus would’ve taken us to Lake Como, but we got a train to Milan (which worked out better for me in the end). 

Saw a(nother) Duomo (Milan), a beautiful old library and walked around the streets of Milan. 

On the way to Como, I accidentally got off at the wrong station and cried and then tried to communicate with the one shop owner there who didn’t speak English. I eventually got a train – 20 minutes later and arrived in Como. 

A and I bought food from the deli and cable car-ed up the mountain overlooking the lake to eat our food. 

We had homemade MaxiBons as dessert. 

Saw the Como Duomo and took a train back to Milan (smoothly this time). 

Not so smoothly was the next morning when I had to go back to Como to get the bus. Instead of a 36 direct trip, it took me 2.5 hours in the rain because they don’t run direct trains in the morning. I also had a panic attack (which was v scary), and the lovely bus driver helped me calm down and breathe again. 

Next stop: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland!

On the first night, I went to ‘the bombshelter’, an actual bombshelter turned ‘club/bar’.

Me at the Bombshelter

Lauterbrunnen is beautiful! On the first day, I went behind a waterfall (15 minute walk) and then went up to Trummelbach Falls which were incredible! 

If you look closely you can see the waterdroplets (me behind the waterfall)

Part of Trummelbach Falls

The Trummelbach Falls were very hard to photograph and do justice and the falls were so very loud!! The cascades if water were so amazing and I couldn’t help but be happy walking around in there (and also singing Sweet  Caroline out loud because no-one could hear me). 

From Murren

The next day, A and I went up to Murren via cable car and across by train. The views were so beautiful and I saw snow!!

Me n Murren

We also had taco shaped (but not flavoured) ice-creams. They were really good! 

Taco ice cream and I

On the last day I did a hike to Schelberg (that’s not the name but it’s something like that and I cannot remember). I ate lunch and drew when I sat down at a collection of tables and chairs. 

On my walk :))

I was quite sad to leave Lauterbrunnen because it was so beautiful! The next place we went to was Lucerne, also in Switzerland. 

We went via Lichtenstein where I (paid to get) my passport stamped!!

We did some things in (Lucerne) on the first day – Chapel Bridge, the Lion Monument and bought too much food (Lindt balls, dates).

Me in front of the Chapel Bridge

The Lion Monument

We also had a really good cheese pie! 

On the second day, we mostly just hung out in the hostel (we went out for lunch – cheese pie and a nut pastry); but I’d developed a cold and cough so it was a good day for me to relax. 

We are now back in Munich! This means our first loop (south) is finished and we will soon begin our second (north) one! At the time it didn’t feel it was going quickly, but now I can’t believe we’re up to the second loop!! 

Until next time!

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