2016: a poem

We lost Willy Wonka, Snape and Mohammed Ali,
David Bowie, Prince, Dolly mag and Harper Lee.
There was Brexit, Trump elected and terror attacks –
Orlando and Bastille Day the worst of the acts.
Goodbye George Michael, Princess Leia, and Zsa Zsa Gabor,
Debbie Reynolds, Nancy Reagan and deaths from the war.

World wise, it’s been a bad year,
But personally, it’s way up there.
I travelled to Israel, Europe and the UK;
To Abu Dhabi and British Broadway.

Physically and mentally I battled the heat,
trying my best to care for my feet.
I managed (with the help of a few),
And (mostly) successfully made it through.

I saw sights and sounds I’d never before,
We ate till we were full and ate some more.
I cried and laughed and took so many snaps;
We were lost everyday and loved Google maps.

Travels aside, I discovered more of me,
Who I am as a person, what I’d like to be.
I chose my uni subjects, and I’m excited to start –
It’s a mix of what I like – a degree in ‘arts’.

2016, we have survived,
And ready or not, next year’s arrived;
We are armed and ready to go;
To live and party and dance and grow.

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2 Responses to 2016: a poem

  1. We should always be ready for those things ~ live, love, dance, eat, travel with abandon. Here’s to an even more incredible 2017!

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