Read//Watch//Listen (7)

This is my first Read//Watch//Listen of 2017 (and also my first one since May last year…)


I am currently reading Adam Silvera’s new book More Happy than Not. I’m not super far into it (about 80 pages), but I’m enjoying it so far. The last book I finished was Words in Deep Blue (Cath Crowley) which was excellent and so very cute.


I am still non-consistently writing (see: never), but I WROTE JUST OVER 1500 words the other day. This was quite an achievement because I think the last time I wrote something was last year sometime. At this rate, my novel is going to be finished in about 5 years.

writing process.gif


Last night I watched the season (4) finale of How to Get Away With Murder, which wasn’t as cliffhanger-y as the last ones, but there was definitely one bit that was a bit of a shock (classic htgawm style). I still watch Greys and I still enjoy it!

I am also currently watching Homeland (trying to stave off watching them because I’ve only got 3 episodes left until I’m up to date and I don’t wanna wait, so this is my way of pretending not to). I am also watching Chicago: PD, Fire, Med (and Justice starts this week I think, so that’ll be added to my list). I watch Bones (which is sadly getting closer and closer to the end!); and am stockpiling This is Us for when I have nothing else to watch.

this is us.gif

Classic lines from This is Us



Despite me not seeing it yet, I am very must invested in the Moana soundtrack. I especially like How Far I’ll Go and Where you are and You’re Welcome. I’m very impressed with The Rock’s singing ability (I did not know he could sing), plus some of the songs are written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and he is so extremely talented so his works are music (literally) to my ears. I really need to get my ass to the cinema to see it.


What are you guys reading, watching and listening to?


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