Starting University


Tomorrow I have my first day of uni ever.

I’m pretty excited ngl, but the nerves are starting to creep in a little bit. I went to two days of o-week, and that first bus ride and arriving at uni where I knew no-one and had no idea where to do (my uni is so big it has its own postcode), I felt like a year 7 again: lost and scared and lonely.

By day two of o-week, I felt a little bit more comfortable (still didn’t know anyone), but managed to fake being confident to at least talk to one or two people. I struggle a bit with meeting new people because I get all nervous and what if they think I’m ridiculous and do I smell???

But I’m learning (and it’s taken a damn long time) that a) everyone has thoughts like these at one time or another, b) lotsa people are in the same boat, and even though they look like they’ve known each other for forever, they’re probably just walking together because the footpath is narrow, and c), you travelled around the world for 4 months and met people and made friends there, uni friend-making should be a piece of cake.

eating cake.gif

I know it won’t be easy – it’s just not something that comes so naturally to me – say, like writing or baking – but I feel more armed and ready to fake confidence and actually talk to people rather than standing in the corner people watching.

I am doing a bachelor of arts (aka bugger all), and my four subjects this semester are: bioethics, media and culture, human geography and journalism. I have no idea what my major and minor will be yet (and whether I’ll even enjoy these subjects); but it’s such a far cry from high school where we were basically forced to do certain subjects, that it’s just really nice having a real choice (so I’m mostly determined to like it on that factor).

As part of my 2017 resolutions (which you can read about here), one of my goals is to make more uni friends. So cheers to that! I’ve had a lot of the same friends since primary school and the beginning of high school, and don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I do want to meet new people and have new relationships and learn new things about said people and relationships.


Other uni goals include:

  • Joining clubs (I’ve already joined debating, which I did in high school and have missed it for the past year). I also want to write for the uni magazine and there’s possibly some others (film club, creative writing club, linguistics club etc.), that I wanna check out.
  • Go to your bloody lectures because you know in your heart of hearts that you’re not going to sit and home and watch them and concentrate as much as you would in class. The recorded lectures and there as a backup!
  • Do your notes the same day as your lectures, because you will forget them, especially the finer (usually important) details. (I could never do this in high school, but because I’m typing notes during the lectures, I should be able to achieve this).
  • ASK FOR HELP WITH YOUR ESSAYS (and don’t ask at home, the can help, but they’re not the experts). I can write essays, but they take me forever, and I’ll probably have a breakdown somewhere between the second paragraph and the third (actually that’s a lie, it’s usually during planning somewhere); and there is so much help available at uni that I need to get over myself and just ask (and ask and ask) for help.
  • Have fun fun fun! I need to learn to balance uni and fun and actually relaxing and not feeling guilty while I’m relaxing (major year 12 flashbacks).

Here’s to me: loving (and sometimes hating) uni. May I make friends and learn new and interesting things everyday and whilst learning those new and interesting things, summarise my notes in my 5-subject notebook (that I bought today because I am unusually disorganised). Here’s to me probably missing a few buses (but not the important ones), and to not getting too lost on campus, and actually asking people for help when I need it. Here’s to living and having courage and enjoying uni and taking advantage of the things offered and joining clubs and – finally – graduating in 2019 with my degree in arts, with a yet undecided major.


(I miss House a lil)



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